Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The land my Man loves...

There is a place my Man calls home. He gets homesick for it if he stops to think about it.

It is what makes him who he is. Honest as the day is long, if he has it he will share it...something about this land makes him different from any other man I know.

"What am I made of? Whole wheat and barbed wire." And open spaces with room to breathe, and dirt roads that go on for miles, and beef from this land, and snow...cold...snow...for months.

He looks right in this setting, he fits.

I think he looks hot! hehe :)

I am very thankful that the Lord brought him to me instead of vise versa.  I am not made of whole wheat and barbed wire.  I am made out of the fertile Delta soil and Southern breezes. 
This Southern Magnolia would wilt above the Mason-Dixie line...I am so glad he loves me enough to keep me here. :)


  1. How does that saying go? "Dont knock it till you try it." :) :)

  2. HaHaHa!!!! I wilt in our winters!!! I can only imagine yours!!!! Why dont you just move on down here!! :)