Friday, July 8, 2011

Come run with me

You know, everytime God allows me to visit this particular place, all I want to do is run.  How can you not with spaces like these???

Unfortunately, this particular visit was filled with stress.

Matt's grandparents (mother's side) live in the middle of nowhere. 3 to 7 miles of gravel road, depending on which way you go.

There had been lots and lots of rain...record rain...gravel roads...7 miles of mud.

It was like driving on ice, but you could not go into the ditch because they were I said, stress.

But we made it! Praise God!  And we got to run.  It was good. 

The next day??? It rained all day...I watched the fields fill with water and my heart fill with dread.

Matt had a fantastic time pulling up the ancient maple flooring in the abandoned church/school where he attended VBS as a kid. Yes, we now have wood in SD.  no comment. :P

We had a good time the afternoon we arrived going back and forth between the new house and the old...and eating.  Boy, do you eat at his grandmother's table!  Always good, as a grandmother's food should be.
(BTW, that is Matt's brother, Jake, and his wife, Sabrina.)

I love this shot of my boy!  He is hanging on his great grandfather's gate.

There is nothing like Aunts and Uncles!!! Especially young ones with energy and patience!!! Uncle Jake is one of the best! (notice I said one.)  :)

Silliness abounded after an afternoon of riding in the car!  It was great to be free.  Did I mention we eventually had to get jackets on the kids??? was cold! Oh well!! Such is Dakota.

The next week was 100 degrees! :)

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