Saturday, April 14, 2012

Cripple Creek Farm

Thursday, the kids and I had a great time going to Cripple Creek Farm with several friends.  The farm is owned by Bill Boner and here is an old link to tell you a little about the

Enjoy the pics! :)

Princess's first ride on a pony...she loved it! Rode twice!

Was this a good idea? Letting Hotrod guide this pony with his little sister on it? Princess seems to think so! :)

Hello, Mr. Zebra.

It doesn't get much more precious than this!!!

Mr. Ostrich decided to get a little up close and personal with me.

Mr. Camel, too.  I had to move Princess on several occasions to keep her from getting stepped on.

Mr. Bill! He was wonderful with the kids! So patient and kind.

Can you see the expression on the lamb's face????

I was surprised at Princess's boldness when it came to petting all the animals! She did great with the little chicks.

Whew! After an afternoon like that, I was tired too! It was great!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Da Bunny, Da Bunny, Oh We Love the Bunny!

Here we go again....The famed bunny cake.  Will we succeed?

Let's find out...

Alright, Matt is icing...

Putting together the first cake...

Will it hold?

Hotrod is skeptical...

At least the icing is good. Right, Pappy?

What kind of icing is this, Momma? Cream cheese? Hmmm....

Oh my, cream cheese icing where have you been???

Are they still standing????

Really? We did it right??


Let the decorating begin! (read "consumption of sugar")

Oh Yeah! Life is sweet now. :)

The effects of large amounts of sugar on my children.

We call it "free form decorating" :)

Ok, they are going to be up for a while...

We love our Daddy! (pass another marshmellow)

I'm feeling giddy!!!

Oh, Mr. Bunny, you were good!
Till next year!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Watch Out for the Student Driver!

It happened the first time Pappy went grocery shopping with us...

I was not prepared for it...

How these changes in life happen...

You just don't see them coming...

Pappy allowed Hotrod to...



To say that Hotrod was excited and wide-eyed, well, it was pretty cool!

It added a new level of stress and a level of freedom all at once to my life.

It was interesting.

Now at the grocery store, instead of seeing me telling Hotrod to put his hand on the basket, etc....

I am saying, "Turn left...left, the other left, son." or "Come on, baby, speed it up."

You might even see me sipping an iced coffee while shopping...I have an extra hand now, you know. :)

And Hotrod? He is thrilled with this new experience. He is constantly telling me, "Momma, you don't have to put your hand on the basket. I have it under control."

It is interesting the looks one gets while shopping with your iced coffee and your eldest is pushing the cart behind you...