Friday, March 9, 2012

Girls and their Chocolate

Momma, do you know what I am dreaming about? Chocolate. That's right, chocolate.

I know you have some.

Woohoo! That is what I am talking about!

I love chocolate...just give me a moment.

Chocolate is good for your skin.

Kiss me, Momma!
I love my chocolate!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Time to relax

To say that life has been busy lately, doesn't quite put it.
Pappy moved in this week, and is starting a new phase in his life.

Two of my nieces were here to experience "the big move".

There has been no time to sit and breathe, until Tuesday afternoon. The afternoon was perfect and Princess went outside.

I found her out in the dormant flowerbed quietly digging...and joined her. 

We sat there and played in the dirt for an was good to just sit and enjoy the sunshine and dirt.
Of course, she was so cute that I had to get the camera. :)