Friday, February 22, 2013

How to make homemade peanut butter

Grandpa stopped by this week for a quick ten minute visit on his way to a job. He left behind many fun things, one being a big bag of fresh, raw peanuts. Can we say, "yummy Science lesson???"
Why Yes!!
We learned a great many things about the peanut plant, how it grows and how it is harvested.
Here are the links to two sites we studied.
Then we made PEANUT BUTTER!!!!

First, spread your raw peanuts, in shell, on a cookie sheet.
Place in the oven for 20 mins at 350 deg.
Stir them around once or twice for even roasting.

When they are done, they will have a nice tan color.
Let them cool for a few minutes.

Now the fun begins! If you are concerned about a mess...this is not for you!! Shelling peanuts makes a tremendous mess!

The shells at this point in time are brittle. They are easily crushed...

Pulled apart...

and the seed pulled out.

The peanuts must also be skinned. This is easily done by rubbing them between your fingers or hands.

Well, Hi, Little Man! Do you need to be rescued? :)

Put a bowl full of peanuts in the food processor, along with 1/2 tsp. of salt, and 2tlbs of sugar to start. You will have to taste your peanut butter to determine how sweet you want it to be. We ended up with four or five, but I think 3 or so would be just right.

Let it run!!
As it is grinding, slowly pour a thin stream of olive oil through the top of the food processor. After a minute or two, it will become very creamy. Do not expect it to have the texture of store bought. It is going to be more grainy.

Just keeping it real!

Time to taste!!!!

Yummy!!!!! We have a happy customer!

I will admit, this was our second attempt. Our first attempt was with molasses as the sole sugar....besides the fact that it looked like chunky chocolate, no one liked it.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Little Man's first snow!

Well, look what we woke up to this morning! In about an hour we had roughly an inch of snow! It was the heavy, packing snow, just right for snowballs and snowmen!

Woohoo! Let's go play!!

Ok, fine...we had to find the snowboots, find the gloves and hats...yeah, we live in the south.

:) He's mine....both of them. :)

Yo! I look like my Daddy. Got a problem with that? Huh?

Son, can you handle that?

More proof of where we live...the tag is still on the snowboots!


In a chair, guys?


Lick for air stability...


Find your target...

Hey Now!!!!

Ta da! Our robo-snow-bot!
Watch out for the laser beam gun!

Dad had to go to work after this, so Pappy watched Little Man for a  while so Mommy could have a snowball fight!!!
She won. :)