Thursday, November 7, 2013

How to do a proper radio interview

If giving a radio interview, here are a few helpful hints to keep 
   in mind.
- Make sure to take your 1 yr old with you.
- Don't forget the paci.
- Make sure he has been up since 6am.
- Greet your gracious host with a big smile....keep the smile on
   your face, it will help later on when your little one is making all
   kinds of noise.
- Do your best to keep your head in the direction of the mike while
   hunting for the paci your little one just dropped.
- When your little one drops it on the floor the second time, just let
   him down to roam. The room is so small, what could he find?
- Remember, head towards the mike while watching your little one 
   roam and stick things in his mouth.
- Do your best to keep the smile on your face as your little one
   finds an old stand and rattles it continually during the interview.
   Make references to Santa and his reindeer.
- Talk a little louder than your 1 yr old.
- Laugh. Times like this make life funny!
- Try your best to remember everything you need to say while
   watching your little one try to climb on top of an old computer.
- Be eternally grateful when the interview is over!
- Do your best to let yourself out quietly without trying to knock 
   anything over. Remember, they are still on air!
- Take a big breath of air and laugh again when you are safely out
   of the room!

Whew!! Life with kids!!!!