Thursday, September 30, 2010

Minivan Thursday

If you were to drive by my house on Thursdays at about noon, you would think a Minivan convention was being held.  And NOT A ONE of these belongs to me!!! I have learned in life never to say never, because when you do it always happens, but God willing, I will NEVER own a minivan!!  Yes, I laugh at the Swaggerwagon song like everyone else, but give me a SUV or a truck and I am happy.
All that aside, Thursdays are balm to my soul.  I love these ladies that God has so richly blessed my life with.  Today in the midst of uncertainty and unrest in most of our lives, we were in my front yard hula hooping like a bunch of kids.  Good thing that wont be put on the internet!! :)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dimension X

Planet Swordland somehow warped into Dimension X today.  Hotrod and Princess did not get out of bed until 9:20am for starters!!!!  They spent the morning quietly playing with each other, no fighting or yelling occurred.  They spent over 20 minutes at the table coloring...with no talking or fighting over crayons!  I accomplished more this morning, than I had all week.
At supper, Princess actually ate all of her supper for the first time in 9 months, that is how long I have been giving her our supper food.  To top it off, Matt forgot to get Cascade on his way home. I was going to ask for help washing the two loads of dishes by hand, but he beat me to it!!!  While I put the kids to bed he washed all the dishes!!!!  I dried just to say "thank you".   Dimension X isn't so bad! :)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

There is a disturbance in the force!

Tonight was filled with continual uprisings on Planet Swordland.  It was one of those evenings that will cause a mother to question her sanity and wonder who it is that is screaming at her children, because the sane person that she used to be would never do such a thing...YOU KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT IF YOU ARE A MOTHER!!!!!
Praise God things got better and I actually experienced a moment of early childhood dejavu. Hotrod, Princess, and I were sitting at the table coloring when Hotrod said, "Mom, Princess is scribbling.  Why can't she color in the lines?" This is one of my earliest memories.  Mom, my sister and I are sitting at the table coloring, and I asked Mom, "She is scribbling, why can't she color in the lines?"  Mom would have been about the same age as me, and Hotrod and Princess are about the same age as my sister and I were at that time. Life has a funny way of repeating itself.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Life on Planet Swordland

I am sitting here listening to my 21 month old daughter laughing to Samaria Jack.  Yes, that is life on Planet Swordland.  It's a little different here, some say weird, but it is good.  There are four of us: Dad, Mom, Son and Daughter, plus a cat.
According to Son, we are a family of Rescue Heros.  We come with a theme song and an emergency siren...a very annoying emergency siren!!!!  What happened on Planet Swordland today?? Well, fall finally came in with a cold and dreary day.  We switched out clothes and did some schoolwork.  Son is learning to read and is doing very well.  He will be five in a couple months.

Look out for pics as I update our family blog with stories of adventure and life from Planet Swordland