Monday, July 4, 2011

Sipping and slurping it up!!!

This morning was a late morning for us.  We all snuggled a bit in bed, so it was after 8am before I got up and got my shower.  Matt left for work, I got dressed and it was 9am before I was attempting to get breakfast.
If I don't get something in my system, I can get grouchy and nervous and shaky. (no comments please.) :)
I get bored with breakfast pretty easily, so at the moment I am drinking a powdered, organic, sprouted protein drink mixed with carrot juice and a green drink.  It makes me feel very good in the mornings!
(now you are thinking that I am insane...just wait.)
I got it mixed and was standing there drinking it, when it somehow it fell out of my hand.  


It took a second or two to register that my breakfast was across the kitchen counter.


I quickly picked up my glass to salvage what was left and then realized it was all over a library book...

Why is there a library book on the kitchen counter????
Who put that there???
Quick! Pick it up and get it clean. I have bought enough books lately!!! (ok, only one)
(all of the thoughts going through my head at that moment.)

I saved the library book and somehow managed to get all the carrot/green/protein goo off of it.

To Rosemary...just ignore the previous few lines... ;)

I turned back to the mess on the counter. 
There sat my breakfast. 

 I tried to wipe it up, but there was just too much.  This stuff is not cheap and that was the last of the green drink.
I can't make another one and I am hungry.

The counter top was clean....

I could not scoop it into my glass.

I tried.


I am not wasting this...

What else was I supposed to do???

So I pulled out a straw. 

Yes ma'am, I did!!! I drank my breakfast from the kitchen counter with a straw!!!

It distressed my daughter. 

She asked me to stop.

I didn't.

Now you know that I am certifiable. :)

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