Thursday, April 17, 2014

Why Little Man smells like cherry scented Vick's Vapor rub

Some moments you have to write down to remind yourself what life was like further down the road....

- I was just trying to make some chocolate for my girlfriends.
- It was an expensive recipe. 
- they were worth it.
- I only wanted a sneak peak.
- It was then I made my first mistake....i just wanted a sneak peek...
- remember, I am short and my refrigerator/freezer is old.
- I opened the freezer door.
- At the same time, a huge roast and my casserole dish came flying down upon me.
- I managed to catch the dish, as a wave of chocolate splashed over me, the roast, the freezer, the   
   floor, down the inside of the refrigerator....
- there was a lot of butter and coconut oil in the chocolate...
- After I had washed my roast...
- After I had scrubbed my floors....
- After I had scrubbed the fridge and freezer...
- After I had scrubbed my WHITE shirt and changed...
- Here comes Little Man....
- His eyes are watery....his face is slightly red....wait...what is smeared all over his face...
- Before I get to him I can smell the Vick's.....oh my!

After I wash him down, I had to sit for just a moment....take a breather...that was my next mistake.....

- I hear LM crying....
- I turn to see him coming....
- My eyes widen with fear....
- My little one had red liquid smeared all down the front of his shirt and his hand...
- as I approach him, I can smell the cherry candle I had burning in the bathroom...
- I know I shut that door...
- I clean him up again.
- he now smells like cherry scented Vapor Rub.

How do you get red wax out of a shirt?

I have no idea...

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas Card Outtakes

You knew there had to be outtakes with this year's photo! Enjoy!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Treats

Sometimes you just have to stop what you are doing and make some Christmas treats!!! My aunt made these cornflake Christmas wreaths all growing up. My sister and I looked forward to them every year! It dawned on me that I had never made them for the kids. 

After putting Little Man to bed, we got busy! Since my hands were obviously tied up, Hotrod took most of the pictures. I think he did a good job!

And there are my Mother's hands. The similarity in our hands always amazes me.

Hi Cutey!



Thursday, November 7, 2013

How to do a proper radio interview

If giving a radio interview, here are a few helpful hints to keep 
   in mind.
- Make sure to take your 1 yr old with you.
- Don't forget the paci.
- Make sure he has been up since 6am.
- Greet your gracious host with a big smile....keep the smile on
   your face, it will help later on when your little one is making all
   kinds of noise.
- Do your best to keep your head in the direction of the mike while
   hunting for the paci your little one just dropped.
- When your little one drops it on the floor the second time, just let
   him down to roam. The room is so small, what could he find?
- Remember, head towards the mike while watching your little one 
   roam and stick things in his mouth.
- Do your best to keep the smile on your face as your little one
   finds an old stand and rattles it continually during the interview.
   Make references to Santa and his reindeer.
- Talk a little louder than your 1 yr old.
- Laugh. Times like this make life funny!
- Try your best to remember everything you need to say while
   watching your little one try to climb on top of an old computer.
- Be eternally grateful when the interview is over!
- Do your best to let yourself out quietly without trying to knock 
   anything over. Remember, they are still on air!
- Take a big breath of air and laugh again when you are safely out
   of the room!

Whew!! Life with kids!!!!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Views from the rear view mirror

When in the car with children.....
- do not give youngest a wooden spoon to play with.
- helmets will be needed.
- happy meal buckets will be used instead.
- youngest will take great pleasure in hitting the buckets of older two and then grunting to receive more 
   French fries.
- older two will experiment to find out which dipping sauce youngest likes best.....
- never trust the older two with food for youngest.
- parents of these three might have found it all hysterical.
- couldn't see the road because of laughing too hard....

Made it home safe and sound, well, safe anyway. ;)

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My future genius

Ok, as a former Bio teacher and a lover of all things science, when my seven yr old makes connections that some of my high schoolers couldn't heart races and my momma sense soars!

Hotrod, Princess and I are beginning our study of nutrition. As we were reviewing atoms and molecules, I was showing Hotrod how to write chemical formulas. In the picture, you can see where I wrote the formulas for water and hydrogen peroxide at the top of the board.

I got up to chase Little Man and when I got back Hotrod had written out the chemical equation for hydrogen peroxide.....I never taught him that. Never mentioned it. It just made logical sense in his!

It was a moment that gave me momma shivers!

You can see in the picture, at the bottom of the board, that he has drawn a pic of water on the left and a pic of hydrogen peroxide on the right. He then wrote out the equation. (Yes, that is a two on the far right, not a three.) 
Proud momma here!

Friday, September 20, 2013

I just Couldn't Help Myself

Ok. I have been told, by my closest friends, that you know that I am a type A within five minutes of meeting me. I am not quite sure what vibe I give off, but I know it is there. I don't know how to turn it off. 
Just recently, our lovely First Lady came to our Library for various reasons. My children had the privilege of spending some quality time with her. Together, they were trying to figure out a brand new, children's computer. They were having some trouble.

Watch my reaction.....

Calm, proud mom.....watching.....waiting....

.....oh dear....they can't figure it out....should I?....

I couldn't stand it any longer. I had to tell them how to do it. Yes, I was giving direction to our wonderful First Lady. 

I just couldn't help myself....:)