Friday, July 11, 2014

On the pier

Last night I threw the kids in the car and we headed to St. John's Pier. We had a lovely walk as the sun was going down. They truly enjoyed being that far out over the ocean. Between talking with the fishermen and taking in the view, it was a good outing.

Ummmm, son? Don't fall in!

Hotrod took this picture of his little sister. I thought it was pretty good!

Less than a week and we go home. 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Dolphin Time!

Thanks to Grandpa, the kids and I were able to experience dolphins up close and personal at Marineland! What a treat it was! My FIL's family has a longstanding history of working at Marineland in various administrative positions, so it was very special for us to go.

Does it get cuter? They were wonderful to experience!

I managed to snap one picture of Hotrod and Princess with "Chubby" the dolphin!

Can you imagine a better place to dream than staring at dolphins play? While Princess was in this position, a dolphin swam down to greet her and stayed there for quite a bit. It was exciting!

The Alantic Ocean runs parallel to the facility. It was a beautiful backdrop!

We were hot and sweaty by the time we were finished, but what a great morning!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Alligator Farm '14

The Alligator Farm is an absolute treat to go to, even for the second time! Thanks to Aunt Karen, a fabulous time was had by all of us! 

Please note that Princess is pretending to run away, Hotrod is pretending to fall off and Little Man....he is a attacking the alligator. :)

Little Man was so proud of himself for climbing the ladder!

Staring contest....who will win?

What? She is offering.

Nothing like cooling off with with slushies!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Our first time honoring those who died for our freedoms

Today, for the first time, we had the priveledge of honoring those that have fallen in battle while fighting for our freedoms. It was a great experience! Each scout was given a bundle of flags and shown how to properly place them. 

Before the ceremony, we had some time to waste. Hotrod took the opportunity to kill the enemy! 

Load the wick...

Make sure it is secure.....

Light it and watch out!


Sweet friends shared the morning with us.

Who had the best seat in the house? Little Man!

Best Buddies!

Happy Memorial Day!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Why Little Man smells like cherry scented Vick's Vapor rub

Some moments you have to write down to remind yourself what life was like further down the road....

- I was just trying to make some chocolate for my girlfriends.
- It was an expensive recipe. 
- they were worth it.
- I only wanted a sneak peak.
- It was then I made my first mistake....i just wanted a sneak peek...
- remember, I am short and my refrigerator/freezer is old.
- I opened the freezer door.
- At the same time, a huge roast and my casserole dish came flying down upon me.
- I managed to catch the dish, as a wave of chocolate splashed over me, the roast, the freezer, the   
   floor, down the inside of the refrigerator....
- there was a lot of butter and coconut oil in the chocolate...
- After I had washed my roast...
- After I had scrubbed my floors....
- After I had scrubbed the fridge and freezer...
- After I had scrubbed my WHITE shirt and changed...
- Here comes Little Man....
- His eyes are watery....his face is slightly red....wait...what is smeared all over his face...
- Before I get to him I can smell the Vick's.....oh my!

After I wash him down, I had to sit for just a moment....take a breather...that was my next mistake.....

- I hear LM crying....
- I turn to see him coming....
- My eyes widen with fear....
- My little one had red liquid smeared all down the front of his shirt and his hand...
- as I approach him, I can smell the cherry candle I had burning in the bathroom...
- I know I shut that door...
- I clean him up again.
- he now smells like cherry scented Vapor Rub.

How do you get red wax out of a shirt?

I have no idea...

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas Card Outtakes

You knew there had to be outtakes with this year's photo! Enjoy!