Monday, February 28, 2011


You know, one of the funniest things about kids is their ability to completely mess up words or just plain get them wrong.  Whether it is the pronunciation of it or the use of it, it is always good for a laugh.

Yesterday morning, early..., Hotrod got up and graced us with his presence.  Mom and dad had no intention of getting up, so he entertained himself around us...over us...around us... you get the idea. 

Hotrod's imagination is thorough. When he pretends it is complete. On this particular morning, he decided that mom and dad needed hot chocolate in bed and set out to set up his Hot Chocolate Maker Machine.  Once this task was complete, he washed mugs, poured in the milk, and steamed the milk.  With the sound effects I thought I was at Starbucks!! (I guess he has been a few times to  know how to make the sounds...)

Well, he put in the hot chocolate and handed us our first mugs. Pretend hot chocolate is the best you know.  On our third cup, Matt asked Hotrod what kind of hot chocolate it was.  To which Hotrod replied....Pimppermint!!!

WHAT???? Matt and I doubled over in laughter... "What kind of hot chocolate?" "Pimppermint!!"  To which we laughed again...I know, grow up, right?  We corrected him and then he properly told us that it was peppermint hot chocolate.

(spellcheck had a lot of fun with pimppermint...hehe)
(fine!!! I will grow up!!) :P

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The decision has been made...

There are moments in life that define and confirm your limitations in such a clear way that you have to listen and abide, especially when you have spent hours in prayer over the matter. Today was one of those moments.  In accepting that limitation, I have to accept the fact that it is not defeat, I am not quiting.  There is a difference in walking away smartly, before someone gets hurt, and just quiting because you think it is too hard.

You are now wondering what has weighted so heavily on my heart.  The answer? What to do with Hotrod's education. Do I send him to the nice public school that we have found and can easily get him into because of Matt's occupation, or do I homeschool.

I am a teacher by profession, a darn good one at that (forgive my arrogance), but I am hotheaded and fiery.  My son seems to bring it out in me the worst....especially during our school time.  I have come a long way in working on my attitude, but well, I am still working.

I guess I could say this without all the drama, but it has been a drama kind of morning.  I am so grateful for the two friends that talked me away from the edge. :)

We want what is best for our children and this has weighted so on me, but the decision is made, I will send my little one somewhere else for his education.  Whew!  Glad that decision is made.  Now it is time for some brownies to fix the fiasco of this morning!!!!!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Yes, I was that Mother today...

You see it all the time at Wal-mart, the kid crying or screaming in the front of the basket and the mom pushing the cart as if nothing was happening or wrong.  You wonder what the kid did, or the what the mom said 'no' to, or you know you do it!! Especially if you have NO KIDS!!!!!

Only once, that I can remember, did Hotrod pull this stunt.  Princess has pulled it several times now and she is only two.

She is going through a rough stage, (once again, my son did not go through this stage) if she doesn't like it, she screams and throws herself down.  To which I apply Vitamin S to her bottom and put her in timeout.  Thankfully they are short lived.  She will come out of it in a about 15seconds, but they are constant!!

Today at Wal-mart, we went by the deli/pizza section and she delightedly screamed, "Pizza!!!". To which I said, "No, not today".  You can see where this is going...

She was so upset that a precious old man stopped me to ask what the matter was! (Remember, I was ignoring her as I was picking out apples.) I explained what happened and he then proceeded to laugh and tell Princess that she was probably a beautiful little girl, but he couldn't tell because of the screaming. 

This did not stop her one bit.  She continued through the produce to the frozen vegetables and she finally calmed down.  Her mood changed to such an extent that two minutes later she was laughing at Hotrod. 

To top it off, a mother walked by me with her little ones in the basket, looked at my two, and said, "See, you should be behaving like those two good kids!"  I only shook my head...

My daughter...she is my joy and the cause of my gray hair...wait...going to be the cause of my gray hair. ;)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Can"t I have my coffee first?

To say that this morning was challenging would be an understatement.  This whole day really has made me feel like one of those moms in the cartoons that are stretched in two directions trying to grab a kid and catch whatever is falling with the other hand, and shove the door shut with her foot!!

The kids were up at 6:15am this morning. The one morning I needed to sleep till 7am. I was finally sleeping since our trip last week...and the kids were up early. Matt feed them both, tucked them in with me and left for the day.

Well, you can only stay that way for so long.  So I pulled myself up and started to change Princess's diaper. Hotrod had run off to do whatever, and came back with the brand new box of Honeynut size.  Apparently, there was a secret code decoder that he had to show me.

In the process of showing me what the decoder slow ever slow motion...I watched the new box of family size Honeynut Cheerios tip over and fall to the top down.  It would have been nice for it to fall on its side...any side, but no, it landed on the open top.

It was too much and I chose the wrong reaction.  I screamed, not at Hotrod, but in utter exhaustion and frustration.  I made my son cry, so I tried to calm down.  At this point he tried to right the situation by picking up the box...straight up...yes, the rest of the box emptied, to which I did yell at Hotrod to stop.

From my viewpoint of the bed, I only saw the spreading Cheerios, I had no I got out of bed to deal with the situation I saw the whole picture. OH MY.  There was a small hill of Cheerios next to my bed that the other Cheerios were spreading out from.  No was about 7 in. tall.  My shoulders dropped.  There went four bucks!!

So did I immediately help my son in the clean up process? No, of course not...I went and posted it on FB.  What else do we do in the modern age?  We ignore it for a moment, or two, and post it or twitter it, etc. for the sympathy! :) 

The rest of my day got better after lunch...not before, and I finally am feeling like a normal human again after last week!  I had no idea how tightly wound I was!

Such is life!!!!

This was taken after several minutes of Hotrod earnestly trying to pick up.  I took the dustpan and broom to it after I took the picture.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wanted: Dinosaur Herder, Apply Within

Yesterday on Planet Swordland I had an interesting experience.  As we were leaving to take Hotrod to school, I asked him which friend (stuffed animal) he was taking with him. He told me he was not taking a friend, but nine of his Planet Swordland dinosaurs. Baby dinosaurs...


I wanted to stop and say, "But they are not real!!!" Instead I said, "Are you sure?"
He replied, "Yes, mom!!"

So he herds them out the door and into the car...literally. I swear the car lilted in one direction because of these imaginary dinosaurs.  We had nine of them with us...remember?

When we got to school, I opened the door, and again he herded them out.  He was trying to tell his teacher about them, but she was distracted at the moment.  I waited just a bit and then told her who her guest were today.  She thanked me for the warning.

And then I forgot about them...until I went to pick Hotrod up that afternoon.

It was raining, so I pulled under the portico and opened the door for him, signed the pad, helped him in, and went around to my side of the car.  As I was getting in, Hotrod was almost in my seat trying to tell me something about dinosaurs. 

"What??" I said.
"Momma, you forgot about my Planet Swordland dinosaurs! They are out in the rain on the curb!"


Apparently, he had only herded in four of the dinosaurs when I shut the door.  I pulled the car to the first available parking space, and as asked, I got out of the car (in the rain), went around to the other side, opened his door, and he physically helped in five of his imaginary dinosaurs.  The last one took a little bit, because he got stuck...I was in the rain waiting on a stuck imaginary dinosaur!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Once they were all in, I shut the door and got out of the rain.  I swear!!! The car lilted!!! Nine dinosaurs will do that!

What is a mom to do? :)