Friday, December 31, 2010

A look back...2010

This year was a year of first's for all of us.  That sounds exciting, just what you want to do in life...well, some of it was.

We will start with Hotrod.  He has it made and everything he did for the first time was exciting!  Started pre-school, learning to read, in a parade, snow in SD, on a beach in GA...he has had a great year!

Princess...well, she is just about to turn two. How can you have a bad year if you are a healthy, happy baby??

Matt and I?  That is a toss up.  Many of the things we did for the first time involved the kids or major decisions for our future life.  Good Gracious!  Matt ran for office this year, he is considering a side business in reclaiming old barn wood, his book is being edited, he works two jobs...yes, he has a family.  I don't know how he works it all in.

Me?  hmmmm. God choose this year to teach me in new and dramatic ways that it is not all about me and that I am to be completely dependent on Him.  He has plainly showed me that yes, He does hear my cries and He does answer.
I did not run for office, nor have I written a book, but I did drive three days w/two kids and my MIL to hear from my Heavenly Father.  He did not disappoint. 

What have I done this year?  I have become even more involved in my community than ever before.  I have supported my man in all the ways that I know how, I have continued to raise my two little ones, I have been on my knees learning all over again how to be dependent on my God.  You would think I have I learned this lesson in years past...apparently I tend to forget...or maybe I am learning new levels of dependence, but that sounds proud and arrogant.  Two things I am trying to work on.  hmmmm.

Let's see what 2011 and my 35th year holds for my family and I!!!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Evil Laughter...Waahaahaaa!

There is a special bond between mother's and son's, and every wife of one of these sons knows what it is!  Momma's cooking!!!  It doesn't matter how good mom's food was the best!  Ask any son and he will tell you.  "My momma was the best cook!"

Well, I am now passing on that tradition, bond, forever connection to mom....that's what it is ya know.  It is the mother's way of staying in her son's heart for all his life.  It is the evil plan of all mother's of sons...if you have a husband you know what I am talking about!

The young, new wife will cook her little heart out just to hear, "Did you get this recipe from Mom?? Why don't you get her recipe??"  And all you hear is "Waahaaahaaa!" from somewhere in the distance.

How do I know I am continuing this evil plan?  Hotrod is constantly telling me that I am the best cook.  I make the best _______________.   Fill in the blank, unless it has beans.  These are the tastes of his childhood that will be remembered as he leaves from college and will drive for hours to get a taste of...waahaahaahee!

I cemented it tonight...from scratch cinnamon rolls....not my recipe, but the best in the land!  Hotrod downed two, before I stopped him. Oh yeah!!!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Royalty??? Of course!!! :)

As most of you know, the imagination is free flowing on Planet Swordland. Between Chief Protector, Matt and son, Hotrod, things stay pretty interesting!!  Here lately, Hotrod has been telling everyone that he is the king of the universe.

Most kids go for king of the hill, king of the class, etc., not mine!  He attacks the world in one big chunk...the universe.  To solidify his position, tonight he made me a crown. I am now Queen Mommy.  He didn't stop there!  He made Dad, Princess and himself a crown, as well.

He really is creative.  He has a brand new, flexible race track that comes apart. So, he took it apart and flexed the track into a ring and then reattached it.  This produced a true crown looking thing that I tried my best to wear all evening.  Of course, it fell off when I cooked, did the laundry, and decorated the Christmas tree, but I put it back on.  If I forgot to put it back on, Hotrod would come by and remind me that he made me the crown as a present and that I looked beautiful with it on.  Well, how could I resist walking around with a 3in, white crown looking thing on my head???  Wouldn't you wear it with that kind of endorsement?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Blue Robot Donkeys at the Manger Scene???

As I tuck in Hotrod every night, I sit and talk with him for a few minutes.  It is our end of the day ritual.  We all four pile on the bed, Daddy prays, Momma loves on Princess and Daddy loves on Hotrod, Daddy puts Princess to bed and Momma sits and talks with Hotrod...every night.  It can take a while! 

Hotrod and I talk about all sorts of things; cars, dinosaurs, friends, school, etc. Well, tonight, we talked about school and the crafts they did.  Santa and Jesus crafts, apparently.  They made a Santa face with cotton balls and colored a coloring sheet on the wise men going to see Jesus.

Somehow in the conversation about the wise men, a blue robot donkey was mentioned...a what???  I asked again about the blue robot donkey at the manger scene.  Hotrod got tickled, which got me tickled and we laughed and laughed about a blue robot donkey with the wisemen.  He finally clarified that he had drawn a blue robot donkey at the bottom of the page. OHHH!

As we continued the conversation, we were discussing that Jesus is why we celebrate Christmas.  Jesus is real and discussed the wise men bringing gifts to baby Jesus.  Hotrod then turned to me and asked, "to play with??".  Now there is a child's mind for you!!  I wish I knew what Mary and Joseph did with the gifts.  I have oftened wondered that myself.  What did they do with the gold, frankincense, and myrrh that they were given? Something to ponder...

Friday, December 3, 2010

What makes a sick day better? Molasses cookies!!

 Yesterday, both of my little ones woke up with enough of a cough to keep them home for the day.  They have both been sick all week, so it was just better to keep them in for one more day.

Hotrod cried and cried when he found out that he wasn't going to school.  So, I made a phonecall to Grandma and got her molasses cookie recipe.  The kids were thrilled and we spent all morning making cookies.

Hotrod loves it when we roll out cookies.  He does most of the work on his own and has a great time.  Princess was not happy when she realized that she did not get to roll out the cookies just yet!  All was well when she got her first cookie.

I attempted to get a pic of the three of be the judge of how well I did!! ;)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

So, I thought it was a compliment...

This afternoon I was in the bathroom getting ready to brush my teeth and  put on my makeup for the Chief Protector, Matt.  Hotrod came in and said, "Momma, you are as beautiful as you can be".  Well, just make my heart melt!!! But there was more..."but I know how you can be even more beautiful".
So I just thought it was a compliment, instead he has learned the southern backhanded compliment method. Ex. "Well sweetheart, of course your new haircut is great!! Now you just might want to comb it a little different, that's all."

So I asked, "And how is that?"  To which he responded, "Well, you just need to put something on your face".  Huh...I told my son that I was getting ready to do just that. 

After I finished my make up, Hotrod showed up again.  "Momma, you look beautiful!! But I know how you can look even more beautiful!"  Ok, really?  A critic at five??? Do I need more of those in my life? So I bit, "and how is that?"  He replied, "You should put more stuff on your face then you would be even more beautiful!!"

This is where my son got a lesson in the beauty of girls.  "Son, you don't want a girl to put too much makeup on her face.  All she needs is a little." To which he replied, "Oh, does that make her look yucky?" 
To which I said, "Well, sometimes, yes." 
He seemed to be content with that answer and the amount of makeup I chose to put on.  :)