Friday, October 28, 2011

What happens in Hot Springs, stays in Hot Springs...

Unless you take pics and post them on your blog...:)

As many of you know, one of my best friends (the one I have known the longest) turns 40 in a couple of weeks.  She wished to take a trip with her three closest friends and we made it happen!
It was a fantastic trip! We had so much fun in Hot Springs, AR.  It really is an awesome place.
We rented a condo on a lake and went back and forth around the area to the historic district and different sites.

(What happens when I get cut loose from reality for a few days...)

On Sunday we had a wonderful brunch at the famous Arlington Hotel.  They had everything from a chef making donuts, lunch items, fruits, cheeses, smoked salmon, caviar, to another chef making a to-order omelet with a slice of prime rib.  To say nothing of the ambiance of the early 1900's room.  It was beautiful!

My cohorts...Beth, Lisa C, and Lisa Mac. on the steps of the the Arlington.

I love to experience new things when I travel, and this time it was caviar!  To say that I caused a small amount of chaos on our table to get this picture, would be putting it mildly. :)
What was also fun? Pulling out the iPhones to do research on this type of caviar.  Apparently, red caviar comes from salmon.  It costs $200 a pd.  I ate a small bite, finding it to be very salty with a fishy after taste. (go figure, right?) I could have taken it or left it.
Thank you, Beth, for being my beautiful hand model. ;)

This was taken in the Fountain Room...aptly named.  This fountain was beautiful! So sorry you can't see the rest of it, but that is what happens we someone else is kindly using your camera.

This is just one side of the outdoor patio of the hotel. Can't you just imagine walking down it in the full dresses and umbrellas? Or elegantly swinging down in your flapper dress?

Can't wait to show my other pics!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Grapes!!! and more grapes!! and then more grapes...and more...

This past Friday, my order of Concord grapes came in. I ordered it from a local, mom and pop company that finds small orchards ,who practice organic farming as best as they can, and buy the whole lot. They send out emails and let you know what is coming and when it is available.

This is an awesome opportunity! When I picked up the boxes of grapes, I had never smelled such fragrance from grapes! Wow!  I guess I have never bought Concord grapes before.

I was so excited! I borrowed a grape steamer-juicer thing, from a friend and got busy the next day.

Do you realize how long it takes to pull 40pds of grapes from their stems?????????

I worked for two days, making juice and jelly. And truth be told, halfway through the process, I was quoting my bro-in-law, "you know, you can buy that at Wal-mart". I had to remind myself why I was doing this.

I am at home...I have the time, and opportunity, to give my children what I consider the best type of food. Not everyone can do this, I am privileged to be able to do this.

And then it came...Hotrod asked for his first taste of juice...he took a sip...and gave me the biggest smile he could manage.

"Thanks, Mom."

That is what I do it for.

(I did take a few minutes to take pics of the grapes. They were too beautiful not to!)