Monday, August 1, 2011

An Invitation from the Queen...

Three things are needed for all tea parties:
1) The guests
2) The spread
3) Interesting conversation

We, of course, had all three!

Princess donned her best hat.

We were lucky to have Hotrod grace us with his presence.

And, as you can see, extra care was taken in food preparation.

All rules of etiquette were strictly followed...for a time. :)

Once again, we were lucky to have Hotrod in attendance.

Can I pour you some tea??

A true lady nibbles at her food.

While a man...

No one is watching!!!

Why must I endure this? And why is my sister wearing two different shoes??

Whew! Nothing like good tea on a hot, sultry day!

My hostess gift. :)

Entertainment was provided.

And all wishes were granted.


  1. josie (really proud aunt)August 1, 2011 at 3:51 PM

    This is almost too much cutenes!!

  2. Ok, this is my fourth or maybe fifth time coming back to look at the pictures. :) Each time something different is funny. One.) the no one is looking part... funny! Two.) Hotrod covering his face... haha lucky indeed I would say to have him in attendence. :) Great pictures!

  3. So you are the reason my numbers keep going up!!! :) I love doing this for family and friends that are not close enough to see the kids on a daily basis.