Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Attack of the giant turtle from Devil's Gulch!!

While we were visiting Devil's Gulch, Matt found a huge turtle!!! We were not quite sure what kind it was, but it was big!!

Of course, he wanted his son to experience it, touch it, see how cool it was! Hmmmm....yeah, I don't know if Hotrod was so keen on that idea.
"Son, touch the turtle.  Come on! Touch the turtle! Just use the stick and touch the turtle!"

"Son, just touch it! Like this, with your finger."

All the coaching worked and Hotrod carefully reached out and touched the turtle.  Then the turtle became really cool!! :)

Poor turtle, I am sure he just wanted to be left alone.

(father and son discussing turtles)

Oh yeah! That is a proud dad!!

Everyone now!!! Join in on the fun!
Anyone know how to make turtle soup??? :)

We left Eastern S. Dakota and traveled to Central S. Dakota that afternoon...oh, what adventures waited for us there!!!


  1. Do girls not touch turtles? I think that poor title would have been completely overwhelmed by our family. It seems like every week right now one of the boys brings in a turtle. They are normal sized of course, but all the kids crowd around and take turns touching it. Then they sit it down and try to get it to stick it's head out. Fun!

  2. Oh no!!! Princess would have nothing to do with the turtle. We hardly ever find turtles here, considering we are in the middle of town. small town, yes, but still in the middle. :)