Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Devil's Gulch, SD

As I have mentioned previously, we just recently got back from a trip to South and North Dakota.  Our adventures started in Eastern S. Dakota at Josie's house, my Sis-in-law. We were only there for a total of twelve hours (and that included sleeping), but in that short time we visited a very unusual site for SD.

Devil's Gulch!!! Apparently this is where the famous outlaw, Jesse James, got away from the authorities by jumping over this impressive gulch on his horse!! Exciting story! 

Here is the website if you would like to look at some detailed pics!

Ever since Josie has moved to this little town, Matt has argued with her as to the existence of such a place.  Well, Josie had a chance to prove him wrong!  It is unusual to find a gulch with a waterfall in SD, land of flatness... ;)

As always, I enjoy the scenery here!

Does it get anymore precious???

Seriously, wasn't expecting this!  It was very hard to take pictures of this.  The angle was bad, and there were a ton of trees in the way! Go figure!
I had to get almost to the edge to get this one!

This is more like it!  I took this as we were walking away from the gulch.  It is amazing how quickly it changed back!!! 
Once you come to appreciate the skyline, this place is beautiful!!

But such a long way from home!!!


  1. Yay! I made your blog! I love that last picture! Its such a good picture.

  2. Thank you!!! what do you think of the new look??

  3. I like it. Its very earthy and all natural. ;)