Sunday, November 28, 2010

What? You didn't spend Thanksgiving night in the ER??

Come holiday time on Planet Swordland, we fly off to see family. Depending on which holiday depends on which family.  Well, Thanksgiving we were with my family at my grandmother's house in the lovely town of ......  At 3a.m. of Thanksgiving day, I was lying in bed unable to sleep when I heard my son take a, I heard him wheeze.  Instantly, I knew that the next night I would be in the ER.  That's how it works when Hotrod comes down with Croup.
So, as all the family and kids showed up, Matt took one for the team and took Hotrod to my Aunt's house for the day.  No, he was not happy about it, but what can you do?  Hotrod progressively got worse during the day, so at 8:30 that night we headed to the local incompetent ER. 
Unfortunately, it was the worse that he had ever been.  This is not new for us, we go to the ER, get a breathing treatment and steroids, we go home in two hours, he spends the next few days recovering.  Not this time.  It got to a point, after the first treatment, that he actually could not breathe or talk.  Yes, I was scared.  I called the Chief Protector, Matt, to come sit with me. 
The doctor finally gave him a large dose of steroids and the breathing treatment that we normally get....who listens to the mom anyway????
We were in the ER for six long hours.  He finally recovered and is doing much better.  Of course, now Princess is sick with a cold while cutting molars...

Saturday, November 20, 2010

How do you come in last place in the kid parade???

 Today our town on Planet Swordland had a Push, Pull and Ride kid's parade, which included Santa and goodie bags!  Matt was working so I took the kids.  Hotrod had a choice of his bike or his monster tricycle.  He chose the tricycle, so I managed to load the thing in the trunk of the car and off we went!

Now you have to understand this tricycle.  Hotrod is five, a tall five, and he is just now able to ride it.  I didn't realize that the tires were half flat, and the seat will not stay up.  Keep all this in mind...

I unloaded the trike and the stroller and found our friends on the square.  The kids rode around waiting for it to start. One of Hotrod's many girl friends is A.  She is a beautiful little girl  and enjoys playing with Hotrod.  Well, today her and Hotrod got a little too cozy!!! I was talking with A's momma when I looked over to see A standing on the back of Hotrod's trike catching a ride as if they were on a motorcycle going down the street.  I ran around and had to get pics!  It was so cute!  I think you will agree. :)

 It was finally time to line up behind Santa, and as you can see from the pic, Hotrod is in front right behind Santa....well, that is where we started.  Once all the kids got going, I started pushing Princess in the stroller.  I thought my son was right behind me, when A's momma called my attention to him as he got further and further from the group.  The thing is, he had no clue.  He thought he was doing great and having a blast! But that trike is heavy, the wheels were half flat and he kept getting stuck on the hills.  He never gave up or complained! 

As we were about to round the last corner, the nice lady with the medals, stopped Hotrod and apparently felt sorry for him.  She asked if she could push him, and he informed her that he knew how to pedal! She then said, "Well, you are a winner! Here is your medal!" And put it around his neck.  Now he wasn't finished!!! This was a pity award!!!! My son receiving a pity award!!!

Well, apparently my son has some standards. He looked at her, took off the medal and said, "I am not finished!" He then continued to pedal and finished the parade without complaining or realizing that he was last.  He then went and got his medal!:)

 As you can see from the pics, Hotrod and A then compared medals...

They had fun getting their pics with Santa and getting the candycanes!
Although Hotrod looks really cozy with A, what you can't see is him running or pedaling after a pretty little schoolmate that was there...

This is my favorite one. :)

Please notice that there are no other kids around!!!



Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Today is one of those days when after all this time, you still ask God, "Why?".  Mom would have turned 64 today.  She passed away over 12yrs ago, and there are still days that I cry for her.  I guess that is something that you never truly get over.  She should be laughing at Princesses's temperfits  and astonished at L's uncanning likeness of her. Or how Amy and I can switch kids and no one would be the wiser.  And how proud she would be of  the man Matthew has become and the fact that Sid finally got his baby girl!!  So many questions for when I see my heavenly Father some day. But something tells me that none of it will matter at that moment...:)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hotrod Makes His Debut

Today, Hotrod and I had the opportunity to ride in the local Veteran's Day Parade in a firetruck.  Hotrod was extremely excited!  We hurried to the firehouse, made it just in time, hopped in the back, and then sat and waited fifteen minutes to go anywhere.  Hotrod quickly made his acquaintance with the rookie firefighter and the Chief, and spent the next fifteen minutes talking their heads off and asking questions about everything.  I am not quite sure there is anything he didn't touch in that cab! The other family arrived and we were finally off for the parade.

We drove the five minutes to get in line and waited another forty-five minutes!!!  I was fine, my antsy five yr old was another matter.  He asked more questions, complained some, whined some, managed to get a bottled water and candy, and hopefully did not annoy anyone too much.

The parade finally started and Hotrod sat in my lap to look out the window and throw candy at the kids.  As we began rolling down the street he started singing a song.  It took me a couple seconds to realize what he was singing..."(insert real name) Swordland's Parade......(insert real name) Swordland's Parade......(insert real name) Swordland's Parade...  apparently someone forgot to inform the town that this was Hotrod's parade!!!  I chuckled and then proceeded to explain the reason for the parade.  He quickly understood that we were honoring those who had fought for our freedom and was impressed that Pappy and Grandpa had also served.

Hotrod had a blast and several times down the street I heard my son's name being called out by people we knew.  Boy, we live in a small town!! :)

Monday, November 8, 2010

You can never tell what your child will tell his doctor!!

Today was Hotrod's five yr check up at the doc's office.  We prepared for it by praying, Hotrod crying, and even a dry run on the shots.  How?? I took his arm out of the sleeve, rubbed some rubbing alcohol on it, and then pinched him....Yes,  I know!!!  It wasn't too hard!  He still didn't appreciate it. So the deal was we don't have a repeat of last year and we can go get a blizzard. What did he do last year?  He screamed and yelled to such a degree that he scared a veteran nurse and kicked her!!!! It was horrific.  He told me all day he didn't want shots...
We get there and do all the typical things, weight (gained five pds), height (grew almost 3in), heart, etc. What I was not expecting was the doc to start asking Saul all the questions. Up to this point, Mom and Dad have answered all the questions.  What would he say?  How would he answer?  I know my son... Mind you, he was in character while he was doing this.  I am not sure what he was, a bird maybe?  So if you could imagine him on the examination table, in his undies, acting like an animal and answering the questions, you get the idea.  It was humorous!
He had his hearing and eyesight tested and it was time for the shots.  The nurse had given him a piece of gum for doing a great job with everything else, but I held it in my hand until the moment that shot was to go into his arm.  DISTRACTION!!! It could have been worse, it could have been last year, but I still had to put him into a headlock with that big wad of gum in his mouth.  I just knew he was going to choke with all the screaming he was doing!!!
Thankfully that was over, but wait! Apparently, he has not had lab work in three years!  Oh yes, time to get the finger pricked!!!!!!!  We walked over to the lab to sit and wait.  Matt asked me if Hotrod knew what was going to happen.  I certainly had not told him!  While we were waiting, another child was having the same procedure done, unfortunately there is no divider or greatly insulated wall to protect your child from seeing this!!  Hotrod's eyes grew large and Princess grew restless.  Since I handled the shots, Matt handled the bloodwork and I took Princess to the car. 
They came outside a few minutes later with Hotrod crying and waving his poor, little, bandaged finger.  Well, it was over.  Yes, Dad had to hold him down for the finger prick.  Matt and I decided that technically it was not a repeat of last year and suffering through all that definitely needed a blizzard!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Views from South Dakota...

Ps. 118:5 (NAS)  From my distress I called upon the LORD; The LORD answered me and set me in large place.

This is the verse my heavenly Father gave me the second night I was in SD.  I laughed and laughed!  There is nothing like confirmation from your Abba Father telling you that you are exactly where you are supposed to be and that your cries are heard.  Everytime a new experience was offered to me, I took it.  That was why I was there, to get away and experience, and to pinpoint my current restless spirit, which I did. The kids and I had an awesome time with Matt's family, and I had so much help I was able to get away and walk in the vast open spaces offered to me.  It was wonderful! Hotrod actually went with me on several of my walks. He seemed to understand that we where there for new things and new adventures, he had just as much fun as I did!  Here are some of the pics that I took....Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hotrod turns five

My son, my optimist, Hotrod turns five today!  He woke up this morning to me singing "Happy Birthday".  He then said, "Hip, Hip, Hooray!!! I'm five!!!  I can now run faster than G_________!"  He then continued to list all the things that he could now do because he is five. There is nothing like that feeling of sheer joy and hope of things to come and new adventures. 
On the flip side of that, Matt, the Chief protector of Swordland, also has his bd today.  After I sang to him, he pretty much grunted and went to work his 14hr day.  I guess at 36, with a family to support and raise, and responsibility always over his head, he didn't jump up and say, "Hip Hip Hooray!"  Oh, how life changes!!!  Well, now to go and make cookies for Hotrod!