Monday, April 25, 2011

How not to make a Bunny Cake 101

Matt has one tradition that he likes to do with the kids at Easter.  I typically stand back and let them do it together.  What is this lovely tradition???? A Bunny Cake!  Matt's Grandma Helen made him a bunny cake every year growing up.  He has such fond memories of it, that he wanted the kids to experience the same thing...
year two of the bunny cake...
I am not quite sure we have it figured out yet...

how hard can it be??? right???

some things just require the touch of a grandmother...

a grandmother has had years of mothering and doing experience...

It was getting late, and I don't think I allowed the cake to cool completely.  Well, homemade, whipped icing does not hold well under heat. 

That is my disclaimer to the following pictures...

I know is not what it should be!
(actually, she was upset that she did not have any jellybeans yet.)

Notice the pride in Matt! (please note sarcasism.)

OH YEAH!!!!!! The only bunny cake that gets held together with skewers!!!!
Like I cake, homemade icing...lots of coconut....

Wait, is that cake coming apart and leaning??? it falling??? I don't know! I am laughing too hard as I am trying to take this picture!!!

OH MAN!!!   S..0..S!   S..O..S!   BUNNY DOWN!   BUNNY DOWN!!

There is no hope for this hare.

What else were we supposed to do??

We don't stand on ceremony on Planet Swordland.

"Wow, do these people not know how to do anything?? Someday, I will be in control."

"Oh's good!"

So long to this year's Bunny cake... we will try again next year. 
Have no fear, mom got some cake, and it was good!!!
(no real bunnies were hurt in this masacre)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A trip to the farm....literally! ;)

Tuesday, Princess and I attended a field trip with Hotrod to a farm within the county that we abide.  It was more like a small piece of heaven, if truth be told!!! The kids had a blast, and Princess attempted to do everything the big kids were doing. She succeeded for the most part. 
I, as always, managed to make a fool of myself.  I really don't think I can help it!  I wore my knee-length, brown skirt, and matching flip-flops.  Yes, I wore a skirt to this little outing!! Everything else was dirty!
I was standing on the creek bed, taking pictures of the kids and talking to Hotrod's teacher, when I suddenly found myself in the mud! I apparently shifted my footing and slipped...saving my camera, of course!  Once was foolish enough in a skirt...but ten seconds later I was down on my rear, legs in the air, again!! This time I let go of the camera...ugh!!!
I moved out of that spot!  Unfortunately, one side of my camera was in the mud.  I think it is ok. 
The rest of the day was great...enjoy the pics!!!

Nothing like letting a bunch of boys loose in the countryside!!!  Check out who is in the lead! :)

I love this photo!

Can you tell that water was cold?

Do I dare go in???

Seriously, Son! Is it necessary to hold your shorts up like that???

Princess got in, but not very far. :)

It finally happened...he fell in! Hotrod was not happy about it.  He complained to such a degree that we finally went to the car for a fresh set of clothes.

Since he was done with the creek, Hotrod had free reign of the ultracool tire swing.

Well, almost...

Just now noticing the electric fence....I wonder if it was on??

Princess finally got her tun for the tire swing.  Can you tell she is in heaven??? Enjoying the breeze through her hair??

This is the face of contentment...until I had to pry her off the swing to let the other kids have a turn. Can we say temper-fit???

"Mom, the other kids are headed to lunch. Why aren't we??"

I told them to say, "momma is a monkey!" I thought it would be funny, it only produced this picture!

My little climber!

Yes, we were in the middle of nowhere! It was beautiful!!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Abba, Father

I have called my God, Father for many years.  I have called on my Abba Father for just as many.  I am referring to the different names of God and their meaning to you as life changes and moves.   Your perspective of God changes as you get older, become a parent, and as you watch your children grow. 

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that your experience is any less than mine or that you can't experience the same things...just things strike you different from different perspectives.

I was listening to Moody bible radio this week instead of my normal talk radio, (I am having trouble with reception.) when I heard a teacher give a much needed in the moment picture of God.

I was raised Baptist...very I have a hard time raising my hands in fact, I don't...someday I will feel free enough to do that. :)  I do at home, in praise and prayer, but this was an emotionally exhausted, much needed, reminder of who my God is.

Our children come running to us with their arms stretched up when they need our unconditional love washed over them to heal booboos, fears, right wrongs, etc.  They never expect to be turned down.  They know if they reach up, momma or daddy will reach down and wrap them in love and comfort.  So why not as a child of God, physically lift your hands and allow your Heavenly Daddy do the same?

Not as praise...but as a child wanting love and comfort washed over you. 

It was just the reminder I needed...

so I lifted my hands to my heavenly Daddy and sobbed, and allowed Him to wash me with His love and comfort.  I tell you what...He never disappoints!!!

I love you Abba!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Laughter is the best medicine...or is gardening???

You know, life stinks at times.  Well, it is the truth. So what do you do?  You either laugh or you cry.  You are going to do one or the other, so let me help you laugh.

Yesterday, I stayed at home with the kids instead of going to the hospital.  Neeniemomma was doing great (at the time) and she didn't need the kids around her.

During nap time, I made myself a cup of hot tea and Hotrod and I headed outdoors.  I had some gardening to catch up on.  Gardening is very therapeutic.  Just ask my grandmother!  She used to pull off worms and stomp on them to release frustration!! 

I laid my tea on the brick border and started pulling the little bitty grass plants out and picking caterpillar eggs off the leaves.  (you have to squish makes you feel better!)

It wasn't too long before I noticed the two new 'piles' in my garden...oh yes!! The cats have been at it again!! I started saying all sorts of things under my breath as I tossed out the poop and the dirt around it.  It is gross!  This is not their luxury box!!  It is my garden!!

I was soon finished and moved on to finishing the weeding and egg killing.  

When I was finished, I sat back on the grass and reached for my cup...

did I mention I was tossing out cat poop???

Right in my cup, a small piece or two...


That is about the way it went.

I went inside and made another cup and then went and stood on my rock.  My special place...full of warmth and sunshine. 

Monday, April 4, 2011

A Southern Woman's Guide to Sitting through a Tornado Warning.

Spring has come and with it, rain...storms...tornadoes!  You welcome the rain, for it will water your garden and flower beds, but you know the chance for tornadoes is strong.

As a Southern woman there is a certain amount of decorum that goes with everything you do.  You prepare to handle all of life's possibilities with grace and poise.

So here is a list to help you prepare for any future tornadoes.

  1. For a morning storm, make sure all your shopping is done the day before.  You don't want your neighbor to catch you looking like a drowned rat, instead of your salon best.
  2. For an afternoon storm, do all errands that morning, refer to reason #1...the drowned rat scenario.
  3. Once home, unload all groceries from the car and put them away.  You might get hungry and need a snack.
  4. As soon as you know the storm is on its way, start cleaning.  At the off chance a tornado rips your house apart, you can be assured that the insurance adjuster and emergency workers will see a clean mess.
  5. All laundry must be put away or stored in the dryer...which ever is faster.  It would not be good to find your undies in the neighbor's yard.  They have a greater chance of staying put if they are in your drawers.
  6. All toys must be put away!!  No one needs to know the true state of a home with children.
  7. All clean dishes must be put away and all dirty dishes rinsed and put in the dishwasher.  Heaven forbid your neighbor finds last night's leftovers on one of your plates in his yard!!
  8. Either freshen up or put on your makeup. You don't want to get caught on the local TV news without it.
  9. Five minutes before the storm hits, gather the kids for a bathroom break.  You can NOT let anyone out of the closet in the middle of a tornado warning to go pee!!!
  10. Make sure everyone has appropriate clothing on...clean underwear, no hole socks, etc.  You don't want to get caught by your neighbors and emergency workers in your sweats.
  11. Locate your cell phone and put it in your pocket.  Mom, Grandmother, Sister, Aunt, Sis-in-law, Mom-in-law, and best friend will all call or text to make sure you know about the tornado warning and are in the closet.
  12. Turn up the radio to its loudest level so you can track the storm.  Actually being able to hear the storm is not necessary.
  13. Finally, grab the library bag and put it in the closet with you and the kids.  You will have to have entertainment for the next fifteen minutes.
With this handy guide, your next tornado warning will go off without a hitch.  Doesn't it feel good to be prepared?? :)

Friday, April 1, 2011

A trip around the house in my head...this could be scary...

I have the computer today, so as I ate my breakfast I was reading Facebook.  The house was quiet. Why? Hotrod was eating and Princess was in time-out.  As I read, my thoughts started to turn....

'man, I could use a cup of coffee.  I will potty and then go make me a cup.'

Princess- "momma, stinky!"

Me - "go to the bathroom, I am coming!"

We make it in time.  As my little one sits there my brain starts to turn again...

'this bathroom needs to be cleaned. I will add that to my list today. Wait, why is there pee all over the toilet?'

Me -"Hotrod!!!!! there is pee all over the toilet!!"

Hotrod -"oh, sorry."

Me- "Hotrod, go and get your sister some panties, please"

'I could sure use that cup of coffee...wait, I still have to potty.  I will do that next.'

Princess is done, so I put on her panties and realize the dryer is now complete.

'the kids need clothes and the dryer is done I will do that now."

Me- "Princess, Hotrod! come get dressed!"

As I sit on the floor getting Princess dressed it dawns on me....

'wait...I still have to potty...and I have yet to get to that cup of coffee.'

I finally make it to the bathroom and then head to the kitchen to make some coffee.

I grab the compost container to put in the coffee grounds and Princess sees the orange peels.

Princess - "orraannggggeee, please, momma, please."

Me - "Alright"

So as I am peeling her an orange, Hotrod comes, sees, and wants one. So as I am peeling his orange, he wants to draw on the counter with chalk. I have yet to clean the kitchen.

Me - "Let me finish with your orange and then I will wipe the counter for you to draw on."

As I am wiping the counter, my thoughts go back to that cup of coffee I was supposed to be making...

'oh, that's right. coffee...'

I turn to my percolator and start to clean it out.  I only get half way through when I stop to clean the kitchen.  Why? I can't get the percolator in the sink for the dishes.

'I think I will call ________ while I clean the kitchen, it always make cleaning easier.'

So I go find my phone, make the call and leave a message. I make my way back to the kitchen and find the diaper that I had laid on the buffet to throw away, pick it up, throw it away, and start to do the dishes.

Finally done with that chore, I wipe down all the countertops, put all the glasses that I didn't see earlier in the dishwasher, and finally get the coffeepot rinsed out....and the coffee made!!!

I am now enjoying my cup of coffee as I sit here writing...wait...aren't those my breakfast dishes???