Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tales from the first trimester...

....sitting on the couch and realizing that you have been asleep for ten minutes. Where are the kids?

....finding the potty everywhere you go

....stopping just for the potty, dragging in two children.

....not realizing how many smells there actually are at Wal-mart.

....not being able to throw up with those smells at Wal-mart.

....a thirst that will not go away

....grateful for everyday that I put on my jeans and they still fit. children watching way too much TV, because I can't handle their motion.

....opening the fridge, and the smell of last night's pizza sending me running to the sink.  ugh...

....Frantically searching through a friend's pantry looking for something to eat!!! While she is on the phone. She is a good friend. :)

....Jumping out of a friend's car, because the smell of french fries was just too much. Thankfully, another good friend, because I threw those things away in a near by trashcan and then rode with the window rolled down. It was not a warm night.

....stepping on the scale every morning, daring the number to change, despite my increased appetite.

This is not complaining...I am just recording for future reference.