Monday, January 21, 2013

Momma's Birthday

"Hey! Guess what! It's Momma's birthday! And there is a whole lot of action going on in this kitchen!"

Daddy and Hotrod are busy decorating the cake. that must be serious business!
Working hard to get it just right.
Pappy and I are just hanging out waiting for a piece of cake.
Wow! that's pretty! I think Momma had a hand in that.
They just can't stop from getting that icing!
Wish I could have some...
Just a little closer, Pappy...
Nice picture, Pappy!
Whoa! Look at all that light!
Momma is blowing all the light out!
Well, don't tell, but momma let me have a little bit of the icing. I liked i!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Princess's Birthday Morning

Well, Princess's Birthday did not go as planned, but it was still a good morning! We got up early, sang, presented Princess with her birthday crown and got busy making Strawberry, chocolate chip cupcakes with chocolate icing....per request!

Doing a great job helping Momma make a BIG mess. :)

Sugar before 10am!!!! Yum!!

Waiting patiently for the party to start.

Big Brother was in charge of the candles on Princess's cupcake...can we get enough firepower?

Make a wish!

This is what she had been waiting for all morning...Oh the anticipation!

Worth the wait.

Forgive me as I drool...can I have some? there chocolate on that baby's mouth?

There are no pretenses or shame when consuming birthday chocolate.


There is chocolate on that baby's mouth! Where are the parents?

So year four begins. Let's see what it holds for my little Princess.

By the way, here is the recipe for the strawberry cupcakes. I simply added two cups of chocolate chips and then used my own recipe for the icing. Enjoy!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Princess turns four

This weekend our Princess turns four.

 At four, she is officially a little girl, no longer a baby.

She loves to help me cook and is typically right under my elbow in the kitchen.

She has also taken up the fight against dirt, to which Momma is so excited. :)

If it is girly, glittery, sparkly, princess or fairy she is all about it.

Most days she comes floating down the stairs in whatever princess fairy dress up she has come up with...and then goes into public like that.  I have not quite gotten used to the looks she gets when dressed up in public.

She is dramatic, naturally funny, stubborn, sassy, loving...well, I could go on.

For her birthday, I am posting the photoshoot that my MIL and I did over Christmas with Princess. It was every little girl's dream photoshoot and so much fun to be a part of!


Friday, January 4, 2013

Coffee and Chocolate

The coffee might be cold and the chocolate melted, but in this finally, quiet was good! :)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Little Man

Our Little Man is three and a half months now. It is amazing how quickly a baby becomes part of your everyday normal. How fast they wrap their whole bodies around your heart and hold on tight. Especially when they look up at you with those big blue eyes and grin. :)

My MIL took these pictures just a few days ago and you won't find a more precious picture! Enjoy!