Thursday, December 15, 2011

What Happens When We Try to Take a Family Christmas Picture

We tried for a beautiful family picture...really we did...


But we can not control what our children do when we turn our heads to smile.

At this point in time, we were laughing so hard that this had to be the picture that was going out.

Merry Christmas!!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The People of Hot Springs

One of the many joys of our trip was meeting the various people, shop owners and employees of Hot Springs. We did not meet one rude person and they seemed to truly enjoy their jobs. And the food!!! We did not have one bad meal!


 There are just some people that can not hide their pride and joy in life, this man was one of them. He just makes me smile! The dog helps...:)

This cafe is actually set in one of the restored bath houses on Bathhouse Row, Hale Bathhouse. The countertop is the original marble counter from the bathhouse, what a workspace!
I thought this wonderful lady was just beautiful. I don't remember if she owned the cafe or if she just worked there, but she was truly gracious and sat perfectly still while I took her picture. 
We had planned on eating here for lunch one day, but made it back too time!

Here we ate twice, once as a snack of iced coffee and onion rings...we were on vacation, thank you!  The second time, we ate a late lunch and therefore enjoyed the company of the owner.  She was precious and had lived in several places across the country. 
You will enjoy the old-time soda fountain feel of this restaurant and the great hamburgers!

Now here is a special place that you can not miss! It is run by a pair of sis-in-laws and they are truly a fun pair!  You will find the shop by following your nose to the most wonderful smell.  If they could bottle that smell...oh my!
Every product here is homemade in Hot Springs, and many things don't even get a label until you fill your bottle. I had a very hard time deciding what to buy and ended up with the Milk is wonderful.
We had so much fun chatting with these ladies, and I believe we could have just hung out there all afternoon like we had been best friends all our lives.  Some people are just kindred spirits. :)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Pumpkins and attitude!

This year, because of my trip to Hot Springs, we did not get out to get pumpkins until the Saturday before Halloween.  I know, cutting it close!
The kids and I returned to the Mom and Pop place we went to last year and they were just as excited to pick out their pumpkins, but not so willing to take will see.

Hotrod's goal was to get the biggest, fattest, and longest pumpkin ever.  Do you see the one he is pointing at?
Yes, we came home with it. I was impressed that I was able to get it into the car. :) 

Oh! The choices!

Yes, ya'll are the cutest things ever!

I think she found some that she liked!

My beautiful little girl. :)

Hotrod was very proud of this almost black pumpkin.  The kids picked out six little pumpkins to go into the kitchen.  In Hotrod fashion, he gave this species a name, Black Mawman. 

The family had a trailer full of pumpkins to sell, but also to climb in and take pictures...which I tried to do. Unfortunately, Hotrod was still so engrossed into his Black Mawman that he could not stop talking about it.

"Alright! Look at Momma! Smile!..."

"Seriously, look at Momma.  Smile at the camera!"

I decided that the sun was in their eyes too much to actually look at me, so I tried another tactic...the other side of the wagon.

"...Do you think if we ignore her she will stop trying??"

"I will try looking the other way, with attitude."

"Wow, she doesn't give up! Is there something on my face or am I that precious looking?"

Ok, I gave up at this point.  Sometimes it is just better to give up and enjoy the moment, then fret over pics not taken. :)

We came home with three good size pumpkins, and enough little ones to decorate the kitchen.

Oh, if you would like to see how much they have grown over this past year... Click Here. Enjoy!

Friday, November 25, 2011

How not to get melted crayon wax out of a mini muffin pan...

There are times in life that you know you look like an idiot...this was one of them. 
      I was in the process of making a first run of the home-made cream puffs that I am taking to a Christmas party in a few weeks. Matt ran to Dollar General to get whipped cream, and I pulled out the mini muffin pan.  It was then that I remembered when I used it melt crayon pieces to make new crayons.  Apparently, I did not clean it out...ugh.
     Here was the thought process...I will simply put it in the oven to heat it up while I clean the kitchen, and when it has melted, I will then wipe it out.  Sounds easy right??? What would be even easier? Putting it in at a high temp. to heat it up real fast!!!
      I was putting the dishes in the dishwasher, starting to smell melted crayon...
      When, out of my peripheral vision, I see something that is not right...a light, glowing in my oven...the light does not work in my oven...

                    "OH NO!!! THE OVEN IS ON FIRE!!!!"

       I pulled the oven door open to find 24 mini fires in my mini muffin pan...."What do I do??? What do I do???" I wasn't going to pull out the fire extinguisher for this! So I did the next best thing...
      I pulled out a hotpan holder and grabbed the pan.
                 "HOTROD! OPEN THE BACK DOOR!!!"

                                  "I can't mommy!!!"
                 (If you know of my back door, this is true....)

         What did I do with the flaming pan in my hand??? Why, I ran through the house to the front door, opened it, ran down the porch steps and threw it in the grass!  To my dismay, it landed slightly sideways and caught the grass on fire!

                                    "OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!" 

          If you were outside at the time, you would have then seen me, wildly hitting the pan and grass with my hotpan holder, with two children standing behind me watching their crazy mother!!

         To say that I have laughed hysterically over this, would be an understatement...just ask Matt. :)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Santa came to town!

IMG_4382psThis past Saturday, Santa Clause made a trip to our small town.  We all went to the square to see him!  A fun time was had by all, and I hope you enjoy the pics of some of our friends that joined us!
Can I have too many close ups of my girl??? NO!! :)

Our friends A and E



You never know what they are discussing.



This year we went with the wagon so that we would not have a repeat of last year.  What happened last year?  CLICK HERE to read! :)
Wait a minute!! Who invited this guy??? The kids were not impressed with him. :)

Monday, November 14, 2011

Really? I can do that?

I found something today...

 Something that I should not have stumbled upon... 

It is wrong that I stumbled upon it. 

 The possibilities of this find will blow your mind!!!!


Coffee mug cakes and brownies...

you read right.

You can make single serving cakes and brownies in a mug in the microwave.

Everyone just say it with

I have one sitting here with is not bad. I did over cook it. I will know better next time.

Oh, here is the link. :)

You can thank me later.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

My views from the lake

Here are some of the pics I took off the dock at our condo in Hot Springs.  It was worth the burning sore throat I came home with. :)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Why I have a line between my eyes...

Grocery shopping...

  • daughter crying b/c mommy will not push the race car. (mommy has tried and literally can not push that cart!)
  • hair pulling
  • scratching sister's face...the cries that follow
  • son touching everything possible, pop on the bottom. yes, in wal-mart.
  • calculating in my head the price of canned tomatoes w/or w/o a coupon and if the store brand would still be cheaper
  • not paying attention to my children while I am doing this and finally realizing that my daughter (in the front of  the basket) is looking down my shirt.
  • daughter trying to lick the basket
  • son constantly jerking on the basket...pop on the bottom each time. again.
  • take the kids to the potty, wash hands.
  • Little sister tries drinking from the faucet while I am distracted with big brother running his fingers all along each and every surface in the bathroom.
  • shopping again, and daughter has to poop.
  • back to the bathroom...daughter does not poop.
  • back to shopping
  • worn out by this time...we go to two stores...
  • "Son, stop doing things that you think I can not see.  I can see you even when you think I can't."
  • My budding gentleman opening all the car doors for me...from the inside of the car...and stepping on my open container of California rolls at the same time.
  • Finally getting into the car, and catching my reflection....the line that has now formed between my eyes is so furrowed that I don't think I can salvage the damage done.

This is why mothers look worn out and frazzled...and I only have two.

Friday, October 28, 2011

What happens in Hot Springs, stays in Hot Springs...

Unless you take pics and post them on your blog...:)

As many of you know, one of my best friends (the one I have known the longest) turns 40 in a couple of weeks.  She wished to take a trip with her three closest friends and we made it happen!
It was a fantastic trip! We had so much fun in Hot Springs, AR.  It really is an awesome place.
We rented a condo on a lake and went back and forth around the area to the historic district and different sites.

(What happens when I get cut loose from reality for a few days...)

On Sunday we had a wonderful brunch at the famous Arlington Hotel.  They had everything from a chef making donuts, lunch items, fruits, cheeses, smoked salmon, caviar, to another chef making a to-order omelet with a slice of prime rib.  To say nothing of the ambiance of the early 1900's room.  It was beautiful!

My cohorts...Beth, Lisa C, and Lisa Mac. on the steps of the the Arlington.

I love to experience new things when I travel, and this time it was caviar!  To say that I caused a small amount of chaos on our table to get this picture, would be putting it mildly. :)
What was also fun? Pulling out the iPhones to do research on this type of caviar.  Apparently, red caviar comes from salmon.  It costs $200 a pd.  I ate a small bite, finding it to be very salty with a fishy after taste. (go figure, right?) I could have taken it or left it.
Thank you, Beth, for being my beautiful hand model. ;)

This was taken in the Fountain Room...aptly named.  This fountain was beautiful! So sorry you can't see the rest of it, but that is what happens we someone else is kindly using your camera.

This is just one side of the outdoor patio of the hotel. Can't you just imagine walking down it in the full dresses and umbrellas? Or elegantly swinging down in your flapper dress?

Can't wait to show my other pics!