Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thankfully there were only two lipsticks....

My son never did things like daughter...Today, I put my precious Princess down for her nap in the Pack in Play. (since we are not at home)  I did not hear from her for two hours.  Saul and I rested, jumped on the trampoline, and then I sat on the front porch.  R&R!, or so I thought... Olivia started screaming, so I headed in to get her.  As I was walking upstairs, I could hear her saying, "BooBoo! BooBoo!"  I turned the corner and took in the scene.  My Princess was covered from her nose down to her toes in what looked like dried blood.  It was everywhere!  On the sheets, her palm prints on the pack in play, everywhere!!  I screamed for my MiL.
As I looked closer to find the source, it was then that I noticed my brand new purse with all of its contents spread about in the pack in play.  My MiL came in at this point, before she could freak out I said, "it is not is my lipstick!!!"  Apparently, my Princes had woken up from her nap, had seen her mother's purse on the bed, and helped herself to it.  Thankfully she was only in a diaper, but when we took the diaper off, she looked sunburnt!  You would have thought someone had painted her with the lipstick from head to toe!  Not only did she destroy two tubes of lipstick, but she took her little fingers and dug them out of the container.  OH YEAH!!!  I scrubbed for an hour.  The pack in play no longer has any resale value and yes, I had to go to walmart to buy new lipstick.  The irony...when my MiL came home, I was so excited about the nap that Olivia had been taking.  No wonder she was so quiet!!!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Escape from Planet Swordland

My God is awesome!!!  There has been twice that I have looked to the heavens for a spiritual rescue, and both times an answer, with an escape, has come within 24hrs.  What am I running away from this time?  Ordinary life.  The same thing day in and day out without a change in sight.  Don't get me wrong, I am involved in some amazing things and I am surrounded by the most loving friends and family, but sometimes I get so restless.  I sink in those times.  My God is always gracious, but this time was serious.  I needed away for awhile....Don't fret, there is nothing wrong with Matt and I!!  I just needed out.  So where does He send me??? South Dakota, of all places!!!! (for those of you who love it forgive the next few words...) The most flat, desolate, empty place I have ever been in, and is where I want to be.  Nothing holding me in, or back.  I can run and run and run with nothing in sight. No walls, no boundaries, and a loving family around me for when I come back to reality.  Yes, my little ones are with me, but that is OK.  They love a  good adventure, and a good roadtrip. Look for the awesome pictures when I return!!! Love you all!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Note from Dad

I just thought everyone might enjoy seeing this.  I write short notes to put into Hotrod's lunch on the days he goes to school.  Well, Dad was home today, so he put the note in Hotrod's lunch. My notes are what you would expect  from Mom, but Dad's notes are extra special!  Of course, I have blanked out the name and there is a water spot on the note. OH Well!!! This is great!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Box heads

I like to think that on Planet Swordland we only breed smart and intelligent children, but I am starting to wonder...
Today, Hotrod and Princess walked around with empty diaper boxes over their heads.  Now this sounds funny and cute, which it is, until they stop paying attention and start running right into walls.  Of course, then you really have to laugh!  To add to the curious and questionable behavior, Hotrod beat two hammers on the sides of the box.  Yes, he still had it on his head!  I really questioned his intelligence at this point.  What got me though, as he was walking and banging he fell right over a small chair!  Ok, I am not supposed to laugh as I give boo boo kisses, but come on!!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

My Mirror Image

You know, having a little girl is a different experience than having a boy.  They somehow dig deeper into your heart, into your psyche.  Normally, it is cute to have Princess copy everything I do, in a way that Hotrod did not.  Carrying my purse, putting lotion on her legs, putting on my perfume, etc., but when she seems to be a copy of my personality...then we have problems.  It doesn't help that somewhere in God's plan Mom was to leave this world at an early age.  I don't have her to call and ask, "Ok, did I do this, this and this?? And what did you do to handle it??"  My sister and I seem to have girls that are similar in personality, so we go back and forth on what to do.   I was in tears tonight as I disciplined my strong willed, headstrong little girl. Not because of the discipline, but the fact that I can't call Mom and say, "really??? My attitude was this big at this age??? My temper was this strong early on??"  It gives you a new perspective on how God must see us when we are learning our daily lessons in faith and obedience. I am not looking for advice...just venting a bit.  There are some times that I miss Mom more than others and tonight was one of them.

Friday, October 8, 2010

It's time for pumpkins!!!!

Today the Swordland hero family took time from their busy schedules to go pick out pumpkins from a local pumpkin patch.  A good time was had by all, especially Hotrod!  He gets excited about everything of this nature!  Enjoy the pics!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Characteristic flaw or Bravado???

There is a certain characteristic that my son, Hotrod, has that will be interesting to watch develop.  He is logical, like a flaw.  When deciding what to do, he learns the rewards, weights the consequences, and makes his decision.  Once made, he follows through.  If this means accepting the consequences, so be it.  To give an example, if he doesn't like what is served for supper, he will leave the table knowing full well that he will not eat again until the next morning.  Even if that means foregoing York's or icecream.  He will say that he didn't want it anyway.  Today at pre-school, he did not earn his second set of skittles, why? He was making noises during naptime.  I asked him why he made noises if he knew he would not get the skittles. (He is all about the reward)  He said he didn't want it. Ok.  What do you say to that? Obviously, we have had the "do the right thing" talk, and the "obey the teacher" talk.  I am curious how this will play out at sixteen!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What? Your daughter never gave you a coffee bath???

This morning, I, Melissa, Protector of Swordland, decided that a cup of coffee and a bath would make my sick body feel better. So I made a cup, and proceeded to the tub.  Matt, Chief protector, was home to monitor things while I was occupied.  While I was drawing my bath, Princess decided she wanted in too.  This is unusual, so I agreed and we played in the tub for a while.  When she was ready to get out, we called Daddy and he came and got her.  My little Princess decided to check on mommy one more time, and swung her little arm around the shower curtain to peek in. In so doing, she knocked my coffee mug into the tub!!! "NO!  darn!!! OH NO!! Darn!!!"  I was swimming in coffee.  In utter dismay, I let the water out and fished out my mug. It was chipped and cracked.  Matt's comment?  "Well, that's not therapeutic." 
As I refilled the tub, I soon discovered the little shards of ceramic in the tub...OH YES!!!!!  I spent the next few minutes cleaning out the tub of ceramic.  I eventually managed to get a bath.  I have yet to have my coffee!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Princess Swordland comes down with common malady -a cold!

There is nothing more distressing, disheartening, and flat out exhausting to a parent of young children as when they get sick.  Here on Planet Swordland, Princess has come down with a pretty tough version of the common cold.  At least I think it is still a cold...The last two hours have been spent dealing with a strongheaded, almost two yr old, sick little girl.  WOW!!!!  My nerves are shot!  Hotrod never gave us this kind of ride! (although, unfortunately, he is learning a few things from his sister)  Time to buckle down and guard the entrances, because no one will be allowed in or out for the next couple of days. UGH!!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

New Joys

As a new mom, you love your baby, adore your little one, coo and gaa over it, etc., but there is no reaction from that new life, seemingly, for months.  It is a very lonely time for moms and no one seems to warn them about it, and yet we all experience it.  As they grow, they smile, laugh and follow you around and bring you joy, but it is still a very quiet time when they can't talk.  Then somewhere after yr 3 edging into yr 4 and beyond you have this little person that has ideas and thoughts, comes up with games to play, and is pure joy to be around.  (OK, most of the time) :) Hotrod is now in this stage, as he is almost five going on 20.  Life is rarely boring to him and all experiences are still new and exciting.  We popped popcorn last night and watched The Incredibles and had the best time!  You would have thought he had never seen popcorn pop before!  He made sure all four of us were standing there watching the popcorn machine as each kernel popped and came flying out.  It is times like these that Matt and I steal a glimpse at each other and realize the new joys that our children are bringing us.  As I have said before, life on Planet Swordland, with God's grace and mercy, is good.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Swordland's Protect the Park

At 10:30am this morning the emergency siren went off at
 headquarters. Planet Swordland apparently had a crisis
at the park! So off we went...Rescue Heroes!!! When we
 got there everything was quiet. Crisis adverted!! So we
stayed, played and had a small picnic. It was a beautiful
day for it! Hotrod finally figured out how to swing, and
 Princess sported the new up do on P.S. This is the first
 time for her to have any sort of ponytail. As I was trying
 to put in pigtails, I kept recalling my younger cousin screaming as her mother brushed and put up her hair
 years ago. Needless to say, it was not the easiest thing I have ever done to Princess. We ended up with the Bam-Bam look....Oh well!!!!