Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bubble magic is non-toxic, right???

We spent all this morning outside under a shade tree.  It was a fun morning. Two things got play time, bubbles and water flutes.

Bubbles are an automatic fun time, but water flutes are new to us.  The kids had a blast filling them and making different sounds. Of course, they eventually ended up in the water. How could you not on a hot day?

The only problem of the morning was the continually changing texture and taste of my coffee.
The kids were blowing bubbles all around me and I didn't think a thing of it. The longer I sat there and took pics, the funnier my  coffee tasted.

It finally dawned on me that they were getting large amounts of bubble magic in my mug!!!

Yah, I am not sure how much bubble magic I actually consumed. :)

I did end up pouring out my coffee. Oh well!

I hope you enjoy the pics as much as I did!

Did I mention we had orange popsicles??? YUM!

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  1. That second picture of Olivia is my favorite. She is such a beautiful girl. Its kind of stunning! Love you all.