Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Way We Roll

This past Sunday, we all went bowling with a few friends from church.  The first time for the kids, and thankfully, we were in the glow-in-the-dark lanes.  They are separate from the rest of the bowling alley and we did not have to worry about keeping up with the them as much.  That is a good thing!  
We all had a pretty good time! Princess really got into it, Hotrod...he could take it or leave it.

Princess: "ooohhh! look at all those pretty white things!"
Momma: "Hotrod! Get back into our lane!"

Ok, forgive my less mature side, but this picture has  so much potential!!! My more mature side is keeping me from saying much!!!
Although it is really cute of Matt giving Princess instructions on how to bowl.

"Oh yeah!  I did that!"

"Look, Daddy!"

I did not realize that they made such cute bowling shoes!!

Hey, Hotrod is finally getting into it!

"Whatever! If it makes it, it makes it."

"Is it going to hit???"


I wish I could say that there was a glitch in the computer...but, I am just that bad at bowling.

"Ok, baby! Roll the ball!"

Maybe I shouldn't be the one to give her lessons...

UUUMMMMM....My daughter won....

So precious!

"Momma! I gawo in the dark!"

Good times!


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  3. Fun bowling pics :) I love that princess won.

  4. Olivia has a way of making my heart melt unlike anything else. How can she be so cute?!?!