Wednesday, August 24, 2011

OH NO!!!! IT HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHAT???? This is what you are thinking and I promise it will be huge.  Ok, maybe just in my world.

Today we spent an hour or so at a friend's home.  I was helping with blog stuff and the kids were playing.

Princess and H came out with Princess dresses, crowns, shoes...the works. We dressed the girls and off they went...I didn't think thing about it... I should have.

This was Princess's first time in an actual "Princess" outfit.  She is just getting into the "princess" stuff.  She calls herself a Princess when she puts on a dress and then twirls around.

Now you have to understand, I am not a girly girl.  I do love girl things, but was never into Barbie, etc.  Give me jeans, a book, and time to play outside and I was a happy girl, still am.  I am just now starting to put bows and flowers into my little girl's hair...I am working into it. 

Heaven help my mother when she tried to put dresses on me...even if it was for Sunday!!

Apparently, my little Princess is truly a Princess girl.  When it was time to go, I called her in.  She had on her crown, glass slippers, necklace, dress and sword (?).  I began the process of taking everything off.


Let's just say, I took her out of the house and into the car, screaming. Top of the lungs, screaming. She screamed for the next ten minutes...not joking!!!  It was a long drive.

I guess I will be looking for princess dresses from now on?!?!?!?! Oh my, can I handle all the pink?  I don't know! 

Anyone want to donate a few??? ;)


  1. Oh wow... What size of shoes and clothes does she wear? I have been thinking lately about sending my niece and nephews a care package... I can picture this whole story perfectly. :)

  2. Let's give her room to grow? Dress would be a five and shoes a 9. Aunt Jo to the rescue!! I am also going to look in the local consignment stores. See what I can find.