Tuesday, August 23, 2011


     There are things that you just can't understand until you go through them...even then, it is sometimes hind sight.  I am always amazed at the way my understanding of Scripture changes as my life changes.
     Take Psalm, as a teen, I was just starting to glimpse what it was all about! Now, it is my go to in any situation.  You can find verses for all of your moments!!! Amazing!

                     "Train up a child in the way he should go, And even
                         when he is old he will not depart from it ."
Prov. 22:6

     I never fully grasped what that meant...until now (and still learning).  If you are an athlete of any kind you know that training is hard...rewarding, but hard. You have to be vigilant in your training in order to see any type of results.  It is sometimes months before you can see any progress and that is very frustrating! You can not give up the fight or you will not win.
     The same is true for training up children.  I am by far a "perfect parent", in fact, I have yet to meet one.  Even those that seem to have it together...hehe...yeah, no they don't! 
     Simple things like, not eating the cat food.  It takes vigilant training to get them to understand the concept! Hotrod...one week of training and he didn't touch it again. Princess...two months of everyday telling her "no", popping her little hand, and picking the cat food back up.  Then one day, she never touched it again.     
     It is hard to train children, but the reward is great.  It is funny to watch other parents train their children...only because, at that moment, it is not your child!  You know that in five minutes it will be your child!!!
     One last thought. You are wrong if you think the training is just for the kids.  How God humbles us and shows us Himself while we are training our little ones.  Unfortunately, we get a glimpse of our true self in our children...it is not pretty!  It makes me so much more thankful for my salvation and truly shows me how wretched I really am!!!  Knowing how I love my children, in all their imperfections, only shows me how much my Heavenly Father must love me in all my imperfection!!!
My overwhelming thought for today. :)

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