Wednesday, September 14, 2011

We Ain't Moooooovin'!!!!

What the cows were thinking when we crossed their field for the second time with no food...
(oh, this must be read in a southern voice. You can't do "cow" with a northern accent...sorry.)

"Oh my! You're back! Surely you have food this time! Ain't I just the prettiest thing you ever did see? I thought you recognized me! Yes, I was Miss Sweet Buttercup 2007."

"You ain't got no food in that there truck, do ya? Do Ya?
There's gonna be trouble..."

"WHAT? NO FOOD? Now you gonna see my ugly side!!"

"Did someone say food?"

"You ain't got no food! Here is what I think of that!!"


"We are ready! Stand strong girls! We ain't backin' way!"

"OOOHHHH! I  ain't that good in confertation!  I hope they'll give 'fore we hav ta do somethin'!

"Stare 'em down hard! Show 'um who's boss!
Don't move! Gertrude! I said don't move!"

We actually had to push our way through the cows with the truck.  They stood pretty firm, but the front grill to a big, black truck is still more intimidating. :)

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