Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What happens when a former Biology teacher becomes a Kindergarten teacher...

Here was the conversation I had with Hotrod this afternoon...
Hotrod: "mommy, how long have I been alive on this earth?"

ummm...I wonder what is coming?

Mommy: "five and a half years"
Hotrod: "Was I a baby?"


Mommy: "yes."
Hotrod: "Do I have baby pictures?"
Mommy: "yes."
Hotrod: "Are they in a baby book?"

now is not the time to start explaining my failures as a parent to him...

Mommy: "ummmm....they are on the computer!"
Hotrod: "can I see them?

Mommy: "sure"
Hotrod: "was I born with eyes??"

Mommy: " of course, you were born with eyes! all babies are born with eyes!"
Hotrod: "No they are not! Marsupial babies aren't born with eyes!"

....here is where I just stared at him....and stared...I just got checked by a five yr old using the word "marsupial".

Mommy: "Actually, they do have eyes, but they are not developed yet."

I am raising a geek...a nerd...a very cute little nerd! :)

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  1. Well, you know if you continue Homeschooling that is one of the dangers. Home schooled children statistically have a reputation for being bright. :)

    Btw: my son wants to just skip all other science and go straight to biology. He currently wants to be a marine biologist. He gets so excited when the answers in genesis magazine comes in the mail. So, we are right there with you and loving it!