Saturday, August 27, 2011

My Second Skin...

     That is what Mom used to call me.  It would bristle me and give me pride at the same time.  I tend to understand it better these days, as my little Princess is coming into her true nature.
     Shall I give you a few examples? 
     You should see how she gathers her books, one by one, into a straight stack before picking them up to put them away.
     She has taken to tucking in her four animals at night on her pillow.  They are laid out in a straight line across her pillow, with her blanket tucked under their chins, perfectly...she is at the other end of the bed, tucked under the other end of the blanket, arranged perfectly, of course.
     She has the same passion inside of do I know?  Her temper matches mine.  She knows better than to lash out at me, so she stomps as hard as her little body will let her, gnashes her teeth, and screams...not joking.  Her eyes flash as mine do when she is angry.
     She insists on doing it matter the pain and strife it causes her.  Although, on this one, she is already beyond me.  She knows when to let go and ask for help.
     Thirty minutes will go by and all is quiet. That is when I find her snuggled up with her many books.  Content to sit and look.
     Her face is in the dictionary under the word, "stubborn"...right next to mine.

     Oh my little girl, my hope and prayer for her is that it will not take a lifetime to come into control of her weaknesses/strong points, for they are one in the same.  

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