Saturday, August 13, 2011

Why we went to SD/ND this summer!!!

Back in June, as you know, we traveled to SD/ND as a family. Why? To see Matt's cousin, Angie, get married!  It was a beautiful wedding and the reception was so much fun!
Thankfully, it was at the hotel that we were staying in, so we were able to take the kids upstairs for an hour or so until the festivities got started.  A good time was had by all!

My beautiful girl!

How do you pass the time? Pump them full of sugar!! Make sure they are ready to go later on!!

Matt's Grandma Helen and Grandpa Charlie...A beautiful picture of them!

Wait!  There they are!! Adam and Angie!!

Can you get a cuter couple??? Matt's brother, Jake, and his wife, Sabrina.

And of course, Matt's beautiful sister, Josie.  Aunt Jo!

Really? Is it smart to give your child sugar and knives??? What were we thinking??

Matt, are you sure this is proper wedding protocol??? No one else is doing it!

Sabrina, I would never lead you astray...

"To you, I pay homage...Oh, great and wise one."
Why, thanks, Jake!

Ah, yes, the ever suave Ben...Josie's husband! And his trusty sidekick!

Their first dance. Woohoo! Now we can all get on the dance floor!

Princess found a friend to dance with and danced till she laid down on the dance floor, kidding!

Hotrod was finally convinced to dance with his cousin. There was quite the drama over this problem! :) He relented and danced his cousin silly!!!

Had no idea my son could dance as well as he could!! All that practice at home paid off. :)

Congrats Adam and Angie!!!

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  1. Love these pictures! This trip was the highlight of my summer! Kids and adults were pumped full of sugar...