Monday, March 7, 2011

A taste of home...of Mom...of comfort.

I finally found it!!! It has been under my nose for almost 13yrs!!  How did I not realize where it was??  I guess my thought was "surely she didn't use that recipe...", but she did!!!

Who?  My Momma....I found her homemade Macaroni and Cheese recipe!!!!  and for the first time in 13yrs I have stepped back into her kitchen.  Where did I find the recipe? Where has it been hiding?????? In her New Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook, of course. 

I have had the cookbook ever since she passed, but have never used it much.  I kept it because it was Mom' has her splatter marks. Yesterday, all I wanted was Mom's mac and cheese.  On a whim, I pulled down the cookbook and looked it up.  The recipe had a splatter mark by it!!!!!!!! That is a good sign that it was used.  I just never saw her use it when she made mac and cheese.

In preparation for the dish, I tried a new recipe for noodles today. (I don't like it and will never use it again.)

Unfortunately, Mom almost never followed a recipe exactly as it was written. I have looked at this recipe in the past, but it just wasn't right. Mom threw all the ingredients into a casserole dish and stuck it in the microwave...not what the directions call for.  I guess that is why I never used the recipe.  I gave it a shot.

Even as it was cooking, it smelled right.

The cheese sauce was finally done...I took my first bite...I cried.  I was transported back to that one-butt kitchen with Amy, Matthew and I standing around Mom as she put the dish in the microwave.  We were all salivating by the time it was done.  We could each eat the whole dish on our own.

To say that mine looks like Mom's...well, it doesn't, but it sure tastes like Mom's. My siblings would look at it and question if it tasted right.

I enjoyed every bite, if fact, I have eaten too much. :)

I have a slight problem with the kids hate it... how is that possible?????? Are they mine????? What am I to do?????  The ultimate in comfort food and they don't like it.  Thankfully, Matt didn't mind eating it.  I guess I will simply make it in small batches in the future.

I think i will go take another bite... ;)

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