Friday, March 18, 2011

A little more dirt, please...

Well, it is officially spring at our house!  The garden is turned over and cold weather plants like kale, various lettuces, and broccoli are in the ground.  It sounds like it was so easy, doesn't it??

Now mind you, my garden is 5ft by 5ft.  It was a first try last year, and I loved  it.  I am hoping that Matt will make me another bed this year.  Some of you are laughing at my puny garden, but it is cute and manageable.

Hotrod and Princess love to garden as well.  So the three of us planted the above mentioned goodies...together...yeah.

Here is the scene you need to imagine. Me, in my skirt, on my hands and knees turning over the dirt to mix in the compost.  Hotrod learning to do the same, but managing to flick the dirt every single me.  Princess playing in the dirt with her hands and finding it very funny to put dirt on my back.  Of course it didn't stay on my went down my skirt and shirt and places where dirt just really shouldn't be!!!

Here are the sounds you should imagine..."Hotrod...dig in and turn, don't flick...Princess....really? More dirt?" (both children finding it immensely funny).  To say that we were dirty when we finished is to put it mildly!!!

We celebrated with oranges on the back porch. Yes, more sticky! :)


  1. Good job! Im envious we haven't gotten that far. I need a tutorial on gardening. My plants died last year in the middle of the year. I am determined to try again.

  2. oh no!!! did you water enough? in a sunny spot? bugs? fungus? deer?
    the deer ate everyone of my tomatoes last yr. this yr I have poured REPEL around my garden. It is a natural repellent.

  3. and then a bath I bet - :) gardening in a skirt? Awesome.

  4. The water was brown!!!!!!! I have three skirts for this summer :) only one I can garden in though. (I was wondering if anyone noticed that I was gardening in a skirt) :)