Thursday, March 24, 2011

So....How much is that going to cost???

Today was an unusual day at Storytime. First of all there was a group of boys and only two girls, Princess and J, who is younger than Princess.  Normally it is all girls and one or two boys.  Secondly, it was a relatively small group.

For these two reasons, after the story was done and the craft completed, the boys were wrestling on the rug and around the room.  Once again, not normal.  But with no girls to worry about...let the boys do what boys do best, right???  Not only that, they had so much room to move around and nothing to hurt!  Well...

I was deep into a conversation with the other mothers when an extremely loud crash/explosion/implosion.....whatever you want to call it...occurred.  We looked at each other with the looks that only mothers can have and then looked towards the sound.

Right next to the cause of the sound stood MY SON and his friend W.  I then took in the scene....

Afterwards here is what Hotrod told me:
"Wellllllll, W and I were fighting (play fighting that is), and he was trying to get me to go back and I was trying to get him to go forward.  I was testing out my two dinosaurs that I had with me, triceratops and  ________ (one that I can't remember or spell). W pushed me and made me bump the TV."

Are you getting the scene yet???  Yes, As I turned my head and surveyed the scene, there was a very large TV exploded on the floor.  A. very. large. TV. Exploded. on. the. floor. What do you do with that????

So, Matt and I and our friends, will have to split the cost of a new TV for the library.  I am assuming. In all reality, I have to talk to our director on Monday. 

I told Hotrod that we were going to give our TV to the library. He cried.  I know that was probably mean, but how else do you get the point across?  I wish you could have seen the looks on their faces when we all turned around....deer in headlights doesn't even begin to describe it.

It is times like these, that you are thankful for a savings account.


  1. People watch TV at a library? oh my. Yep, one of those moments you say, "Whose child is this?"

  2. NO JOKE!!! I have never seen the TV used or moved from that spot...well, until yesterday. :) I dont know what it was used for.
    Maybe a class used it?