Monday, March 14, 2011

A change of attitude...quiet times.

For the past year, our lives have been say the least.  We have traveled, dabbled in politics, started new things, traveled, joined new things, get the idea. 
Until about three weeks ago. 
It all stopped. 
I have had a hard time dealing with the quiet.

Don't get me wrong, there is life with two kids, and they have noise of their own.  That is not what I am talking about.  I mean the day to day here at the house. The same four walls with no adrenaline rush.  I can be an adrenaline junky. A sense of my own importance while accomplishing something. 

The dishes for the hundredth time is not an accomplishment in my mind.  (don't get mad at me for that comment!!!)

I was saying something to Matt one morning, when he asked what was on my schedule for the day. "Nothing" was my response. "It is a quiet time."  I had yet to go to my Abba for this.  Matt did it for me.
As He prayed and thanked God for this quiet time, I had an attitude adjustment right then and there in that moment.

So I am now doing my best do I put this.....ummmm.....goof off.  THERE I SAID IT! THAT IS WHAT I AM DOING! I AM GOOFING OFF!

Life will change here in a few months with Hotrod starting school. So we are going to spend his last few months of honest, carefree childhood goofing off!
The laundry might sit there a little bit longer, the dishes too, oh well! :)

So here are the pictures I took of us making mudpies the other day....enjoy!  I did.

Ok, this isn't the best pic of my girl, but it looks like she is holding the sun and interrogating me with it! I thought it was great.

I love the dreamy 70's look of this pic.

Is is just me, or does anyone else feel like quoting Macbeth here?

My little princess...can't stand to be dirty inside the house. Outside is another story!

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