Saturday, March 19, 2011

Potty training or Sprinting???

So, we are potty training Princess.  This is our second try in about three months and this time it is going very well.  I think she has it!  I don't trust her out of the house yet, but we will get there.

Once a kid is trained, you forget the intensity of potty training...until you do it with the next kid.  Let me give you an example.

I am sitting here on the floor in front of the laptop. (It is the only spot in the house that we can get internet) In about five minutes, Princess will call out "STINKY!!!!!!!!!!" with an unbelievable amount of panic or urgency in her voice.

Now there is no telling where in the house she I will jump up from my sitting position to an all out run, find her, jerk her up, and run to the potty, heart racing.   Half the time she is upstairs and I just started running up our hill again.  Let's just say, it is uncomfortable walking up the stairs, now it is at a run.

Whew! Talk about stretching out sore muscles!! I think all moms of potty training children should get exercise points everytime they have to jump up and sprint their little one to the potty!!!  :)

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