Friday, March 11, 2011

Preciousnesss first thing in the morning :)

My children like to hide.  When Daddy's car pulls in the driveway, we all go hide somewhere..anywhere, and he has to come find us.  Hotrod is good at it...Princess is getting good at it.  We have fooled him on a couple of occasions! 
They also like to hide first thing in the morning, under the I can't see them! ;) As I went up the stairs this morning, I heard them saying, "hide! hide!". I went back downstairs and grabbed my camera.
This is what I found...cuteness personified!!!

Can you find Princess?

There she is!!

Ok, she does not normally sleep with three pacis...just two. Big brother had already been up and got the third and a book for her. So sweet! He really spoils her sometimes!

What is she laughing at???? Hotrod, of course...

How can I find Hotrod?  I just don't know where he is!

There he is! Good morning, Sleepy head.

Up and ready for the day, already pretending to be  a dinosaur.  Don't question his PJ's, he picked them out! Lots of fun in the morning!  Let's see what today holds...

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  1. oh I love seeing other families traditions! Our kids run and practically knock Gregory down when he comes home. I had to train them to stop in the Garage and wait for him. How wonderful that yours comes to find them. Fun, fun!