Tuesday, January 4, 2011

These are the moments....

There are moments in our lives that define the time we are currently in, the spot in which we are to be content and grow in grace and knowledge of Christ... this was one of those moments...

Today was a good day. Ladies bible study this morning, lunch, Princess down to nap, school with Hotrod, noodle making and finally homemade chicken noodle soup.  Other than the temper tantrums that Princess threw...it was a good day. So to end the day, I thought I would soak in the tub and read my next Ted Dekker book.

(BTW, if you have not read his work, I highly recommend it. Start with Black...)

I pulled back the shower curtain and there was a tub full of toys. Normally, Hotrod picks these up, but somehow that got missed after the last bath.  Of course, I had to pick them up in order to soak, so I began the process.

As I encountered each toy, I squeezed out the water. Now, normally, this is no issue. BUT.  My children have a various array of bathtime toys, which include two different types of ducks. One which squirts water out from the flat bottom and one that squirts water out from the beak.  Every once in a while, I will forget which one I am holding and will squeeze that sucker with gusto!!!

You can see where I am headed with this story.  So I picked up a duck, squeezed with all I had and yes, squirted water right into my eye. 

Now I have two choices here...I can think awful thoughts about why my son did not pick up the toys as he should or I can just sigh...the sigh of a tired mom, just wanting to soak in the tub.  I sighed that sigh, and then laughed.

This is where I am right now...not for forever, but right now.  Someday, I will not have to clear the tub of toys in order to soak in it.  I am told that I will miss these days....time will tell. :)

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