Friday, January 14, 2011

Our Birthday Girls!

 What do you do when you are snowed in with two birthday girls???  Well, you make cupcakes and celebrate with the siblings and cousins you have immediately available!!!!  Thankfully for us, that is quite a little party! :)

As you can see the girls had a lot of fun with their cupcakes.  I still have to get all the chocolate out of Princess's shirt!!  What you can't see in this picture is what those fantastic cupcakes have in them...butternut squash!!! Yes!!!

Normally, the recipe calls for pumpkin, I didn't have any left so I used what I had! The kids love them.  Matt hates them and is really verbal about it. They are still chocolate....just a little healthier.  He says, "Why would you do that to a cupcake?????"

Amy bought the girls the most precious, old school toys.  They both fell in love with the toys and they couldn't have been cuter pulling them around! Fun times!!!  Our little two year olds!!!

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