Monday, January 17, 2011

Dinosaurs on Planet Swordland

Prior to Christmas, Hotrod became interested in dinosaurs.  For this reason, as a Christmas present we bought him the Digging for Dinosaurs DS game.  Well,  since then all sorts of new creatures have entered PS. In fact, normally on Matt's day off he builds the kids a fort out of the mattresses in the guest room...not today.

Today, Hotrod requested a museum...yes!!  So Dad built him a museum.  I was a paying costumer, of course.  You would think that mom would get in for free, but no, I had to purchase a ticket.  I was given a tour of the museum which included the various skulls that had been dug from under the museum...apparently.

I was then told about the various new dinosaurs that now live on Planet Swordland. Shall I run them down for you? :) There is Chomposaurus- meat eater; Runosaurus -meat eater; Climbosaurus- yes, meat eater; Jumposaurus- also a meat eater.  Well I asked the obvious question, "Are there any plant eaters?"

No, was the reply, although there is a plant and meat eater. I forgot its name, sorry!

Matt came up with one...Stinkosaurus.  Hotrod did not find that funny and delegated that dinosaur to an altogether different planet in another dimension, no less.

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