Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My moment...well, what it might look like

You would think, by looking at this picture, that I was having a calm, peaceful moment to myself.  It would seem that I drink my wonderful cup of tea out of a beautiful, breakable, tea cup on a daily basis.  Oh, if this were true. To have time to make such  a beautiful cup of tea and sit and read a book, quietly.

In actuality, I had two kids running around me (that I was ignoring), and a countertop full of cooking things and dishes (I simply pushed them out of the way).  I was making a cup...mug(big and thick) of tea and the sun hit it just right. So I transferred it to one of my prechildren teacups and played with my camera for a few blissful moments.

I never even drank that cup of tea, but that is life at the moment...

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