Friday, January 7, 2011

I have waited a lifetime for this....

 When I was three (Daddy correct me if I am  wrong), my Daddy bought me my first jean jacket.   I loved that jacket, and wore it everywhere for as long as I could.

You see, Daddy and my big brother wore jeans and jean jackets and I can remember at a very  young age wanting to be like them.  I remember getting the jacket and how big and important I felt wearing mine. I still wear jeans.

It was finally too small and I didn't want to get rid of it.  So, I decided that my little girl would wear it someday. It has hung at the back of my closet all these years waiting for that little girl.

Well, yesterday it dawned on me that Princess was about the right size for my jacket.  I got it out, put  it on her and it fits!!!!!!!  And she looks ADORABLE in it!!!! Oh my!!!  I think she looks better in it than I did. Yes, I shed a few tears...