Sunday, November 28, 2010

What? You didn't spend Thanksgiving night in the ER??

Come holiday time on Planet Swordland, we fly off to see family. Depending on which holiday depends on which family.  Well, Thanksgiving we were with my family at my grandmother's house in the lovely town of ......  At 3a.m. of Thanksgiving day, I was lying in bed unable to sleep when I heard my son take a, I heard him wheeze.  Instantly, I knew that the next night I would be in the ER.  That's how it works when Hotrod comes down with Croup.
So, as all the family and kids showed up, Matt took one for the team and took Hotrod to my Aunt's house for the day.  No, he was not happy about it, but what can you do?  Hotrod progressively got worse during the day, so at 8:30 that night we headed to the local incompetent ER. 
Unfortunately, it was the worse that he had ever been.  This is not new for us, we go to the ER, get a breathing treatment and steroids, we go home in two hours, he spends the next few days recovering.  Not this time.  It got to a point, after the first treatment, that he actually could not breathe or talk.  Yes, I was scared.  I called the Chief Protector, Matt, to come sit with me. 
The doctor finally gave him a large dose of steroids and the breathing treatment that we normally get....who listens to the mom anyway????
We were in the ER for six long hours.  He finally recovered and is doing much better.  Of course, now Princess is sick with a cold while cutting molars...

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