Wednesday, December 1, 2010

So, I thought it was a compliment...

This afternoon I was in the bathroom getting ready to brush my teeth and  put on my makeup for the Chief Protector, Matt.  Hotrod came in and said, "Momma, you are as beautiful as you can be".  Well, just make my heart melt!!! But there was more..."but I know how you can be even more beautiful".
So I just thought it was a compliment, instead he has learned the southern backhanded compliment method. Ex. "Well sweetheart, of course your new haircut is great!! Now you just might want to comb it a little different, that's all."

So I asked, "And how is that?"  To which he responded, "Well, you just need to put something on your face".  Huh...I told my son that I was getting ready to do just that. 

After I finished my make up, Hotrod showed up again.  "Momma, you look beautiful!! But I know how you can look even more beautiful!"  Ok, really?  A critic at five??? Do I need more of those in my life? So I bit, "and how is that?"  He replied, "You should put more stuff on your face then you would be even more beautiful!!"

This is where my son got a lesson in the beauty of girls.  "Son, you don't want a girl to put too much makeup on her face.  All she needs is a little." To which he replied, "Oh, does that make her look yucky?" 
To which I said, "Well, sometimes, yes." 
He seemed to be content with that answer and the amount of makeup I chose to put on.  :)

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