Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hotrod Makes His Debut

Today, Hotrod and I had the opportunity to ride in the local Veteran's Day Parade in a firetruck.  Hotrod was extremely excited!  We hurried to the firehouse, made it just in time, hopped in the back, and then sat and waited fifteen minutes to go anywhere.  Hotrod quickly made his acquaintance with the rookie firefighter and the Chief, and spent the next fifteen minutes talking their heads off and asking questions about everything.  I am not quite sure there is anything he didn't touch in that cab! The other family arrived and we were finally off for the parade.

We drove the five minutes to get in line and waited another forty-five minutes!!!  I was fine, my antsy five yr old was another matter.  He asked more questions, complained some, whined some, managed to get a bottled water and candy, and hopefully did not annoy anyone too much.

The parade finally started and Hotrod sat in my lap to look out the window and throw candy at the kids.  As we began rolling down the street he started singing a song.  It took me a couple seconds to realize what he was singing..."(insert real name) Swordland's Parade......(insert real name) Swordland's Parade......(insert real name) Swordland's Parade...  apparently someone forgot to inform the town that this was Hotrod's parade!!!  I chuckled and then proceeded to explain the reason for the parade.  He quickly understood that we were honoring those who had fought for our freedom and was impressed that Pappy and Grandpa had also served.

Hotrod had a blast and several times down the street I heard my son's name being called out by people we knew.  Boy, we live in a small town!! :)

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