Monday, November 8, 2010

You can never tell what your child will tell his doctor!!

Today was Hotrod's five yr check up at the doc's office.  We prepared for it by praying, Hotrod crying, and even a dry run on the shots.  How?? I took his arm out of the sleeve, rubbed some rubbing alcohol on it, and then pinched him....Yes,  I know!!!  It wasn't too hard!  He still didn't appreciate it. So the deal was we don't have a repeat of last year and we can go get a blizzard. What did he do last year?  He screamed and yelled to such a degree that he scared a veteran nurse and kicked her!!!! It was horrific.  He told me all day he didn't want shots...
We get there and do all the typical things, weight (gained five pds), height (grew almost 3in), heart, etc. What I was not expecting was the doc to start asking Saul all the questions. Up to this point, Mom and Dad have answered all the questions.  What would he say?  How would he answer?  I know my son... Mind you, he was in character while he was doing this.  I am not sure what he was, a bird maybe?  So if you could imagine him on the examination table, in his undies, acting like an animal and answering the questions, you get the idea.  It was humorous!
He had his hearing and eyesight tested and it was time for the shots.  The nurse had given him a piece of gum for doing a great job with everything else, but I held it in my hand until the moment that shot was to go into his arm.  DISTRACTION!!! It could have been worse, it could have been last year, but I still had to put him into a headlock with that big wad of gum in his mouth.  I just knew he was going to choke with all the screaming he was doing!!!
Thankfully that was over, but wait! Apparently, he has not had lab work in three years!  Oh yes, time to get the finger pricked!!!!!!!  We walked over to the lab to sit and wait.  Matt asked me if Hotrod knew what was going to happen.  I certainly had not told him!  While we were waiting, another child was having the same procedure done, unfortunately there is no divider or greatly insulated wall to protect your child from seeing this!!  Hotrod's eyes grew large and Princess grew restless.  Since I handled the shots, Matt handled the bloodwork and I took Princess to the car. 
They came outside a few minutes later with Hotrod crying and waving his poor, little, bandaged finger.  Well, it was over.  Yes, Dad had to hold him down for the finger prick.  Matt and I decided that technically it was not a repeat of last year and suffering through all that definitely needed a blizzard!!


  1. Glad he did better than you expected. Did Mom and Dad get blizzards too for going through all that? :)

  2. I'd say that blizzard was WELL deserved!