Friday, April 1, 2011

A trip around the house in my head...this could be scary...

I have the computer today, so as I ate my breakfast I was reading Facebook.  The house was quiet. Why? Hotrod was eating and Princess was in time-out.  As I read, my thoughts started to turn....

'man, I could use a cup of coffee.  I will potty and then go make me a cup.'

Princess- "momma, stinky!"

Me - "go to the bathroom, I am coming!"

We make it in time.  As my little one sits there my brain starts to turn again...

'this bathroom needs to be cleaned. I will add that to my list today. Wait, why is there pee all over the toilet?'

Me -"Hotrod!!!!! there is pee all over the toilet!!"

Hotrod -"oh, sorry."

Me- "Hotrod, go and get your sister some panties, please"

'I could sure use that cup of coffee...wait, I still have to potty.  I will do that next.'

Princess is done, so I put on her panties and realize the dryer is now complete.

'the kids need clothes and the dryer is done I will do that now."

Me- "Princess, Hotrod! come get dressed!"

As I sit on the floor getting Princess dressed it dawns on me....

'wait...I still have to potty...and I have yet to get to that cup of coffee.'

I finally make it to the bathroom and then head to the kitchen to make some coffee.

I grab the compost container to put in the coffee grounds and Princess sees the orange peels.

Princess - "orraannggggeee, please, momma, please."

Me - "Alright"

So as I am peeling her an orange, Hotrod comes, sees, and wants one. So as I am peeling his orange, he wants to draw on the counter with chalk. I have yet to clean the kitchen.

Me - "Let me finish with your orange and then I will wipe the counter for you to draw on."

As I am wiping the counter, my thoughts go back to that cup of coffee I was supposed to be making...

'oh, that's right. coffee...'

I turn to my percolator and start to clean it out.  I only get half way through when I stop to clean the kitchen.  Why? I can't get the percolator in the sink for the dishes.

'I think I will call ________ while I clean the kitchen, it always make cleaning easier.'

So I go find my phone, make the call and leave a message. I make my way back to the kitchen and find the diaper that I had laid on the buffet to throw away, pick it up, throw it away, and start to do the dishes.

Finally done with that chore, I wipe down all the countertops, put all the glasses that I didn't see earlier in the dishwasher, and finally get the coffeepot rinsed out....and the coffee made!!!

I am now enjoying my cup of coffee as I sit here writing...wait...aren't those my breakfast dishes???


  1. love it! we could really use a personal assistant, house-keeper, or maybe both!

  2. How bout a live in maid and cook? That would work for me! :)