Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Laughter is the best medicine...or is gardening???

You know, life stinks at times.  Well, it is the truth. So what do you do?  You either laugh or you cry.  You are going to do one or the other, so let me help you laugh.

Yesterday, I stayed at home with the kids instead of going to the hospital.  Neeniemomma was doing great (at the time) and she didn't need the kids around her.

During nap time, I made myself a cup of hot tea and Hotrod and I headed outdoors.  I had some gardening to catch up on.  Gardening is very therapeutic.  Just ask my grandmother!  She used to pull off worms and stomp on them to release frustration!! 

I laid my tea on the brick border and started pulling the little bitty grass plants out and picking caterpillar eggs off the leaves.  (you have to squish makes you feel better!)

It wasn't too long before I noticed the two new 'piles' in my garden...oh yes!! The cats have been at it again!! I started saying all sorts of things under my breath as I tossed out the poop and the dirt around it.  It is gross!  This is not their luxury box!!  It is my garden!!

I was soon finished and moved on to finishing the weeding and egg killing.  

When I was finished, I sat back on the grass and reached for my cup...

did I mention I was tossing out cat poop???

Right in my cup, a small piece or two...


That is about the way it went.

I went inside and made another cup and then went and stood on my rock.  My special place...full of warmth and sunshine. 

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