Monday, April 25, 2011

How not to make a Bunny Cake 101

Matt has one tradition that he likes to do with the kids at Easter.  I typically stand back and let them do it together.  What is this lovely tradition???? A Bunny Cake!  Matt's Grandma Helen made him a bunny cake every year growing up.  He has such fond memories of it, that he wanted the kids to experience the same thing...
year two of the bunny cake...
I am not quite sure we have it figured out yet...

how hard can it be??? right???

some things just require the touch of a grandmother...

a grandmother has had years of mothering and doing experience...

It was getting late, and I don't think I allowed the cake to cool completely.  Well, homemade, whipped icing does not hold well under heat. 

That is my disclaimer to the following pictures...

I know is not what it should be!
(actually, she was upset that she did not have any jellybeans yet.)

Notice the pride in Matt! (please note sarcasism.)

OH YEAH!!!!!! The only bunny cake that gets held together with skewers!!!!
Like I cake, homemade icing...lots of coconut....

Wait, is that cake coming apart and leaning??? it falling??? I don't know! I am laughing too hard as I am trying to take this picture!!!

OH MAN!!!   S..0..S!   S..O..S!   BUNNY DOWN!   BUNNY DOWN!!

There is no hope for this hare.

What else were we supposed to do??

We don't stand on ceremony on Planet Swordland.

"Wow, do these people not know how to do anything?? Someday, I will be in control."

"Oh's good!"

So long to this year's Bunny cake... we will try again next year. 
Have no fear, mom got some cake, and it was good!!!
(no real bunnies were hurt in this masacre)

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  1. Thanks for adding these pictures! I laughed so hard as a looked through them, but to be honest I know I couldnt have done any better. Sure does look good. That first picture of Olivia is so funny! Love you guys!