Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A trip to the farm....literally! ;)

Tuesday, Princess and I attended a field trip with Hotrod to a farm within the county that we abide.  It was more like a small piece of heaven, if truth be told!!! The kids had a blast, and Princess attempted to do everything the big kids were doing. She succeeded for the most part. 
I, as always, managed to make a fool of myself.  I really don't think I can help it!  I wore my knee-length, brown skirt, and matching flip-flops.  Yes, I wore a skirt to this little outing!! Everything else was dirty!
I was standing on the creek bed, taking pictures of the kids and talking to Hotrod's teacher, when I suddenly found myself in the mud! I apparently shifted my footing and slipped...saving my camera, of course!  Once was foolish enough in a skirt...but ten seconds later I was down on my rear, legs in the air, again!! This time I let go of the camera...ugh!!!
I moved out of that spot!  Unfortunately, one side of my camera was in the mud.  I think it is ok. 
The rest of the day was great...enjoy the pics!!!

Nothing like letting a bunch of boys loose in the countryside!!!  Check out who is in the lead! :)

I love this photo!

Can you tell that water was cold?

Do I dare go in???

Seriously, Son! Is it necessary to hold your shorts up like that???

Princess got in, but not very far. :)

It finally happened...he fell in! Hotrod was not happy about it.  He complained to such a degree that we finally went to the car for a fresh set of clothes.

Since he was done with the creek, Hotrod had free reign of the ultracool tire swing.

Well, almost...

Just now noticing the electric fence....I wonder if it was on??

Princess finally got her tun for the tire swing.  Can you tell she is in heaven??? Enjoying the breeze through her hair??

This is the face of contentment...until I had to pry her off the swing to let the other kids have a turn. Can we say temper-fit???

"Mom, the other kids are headed to lunch. Why aren't we??"

I told them to say, "momma is a monkey!" I thought it would be funny, it only produced this picture!

My little climber!

Yes, we were in the middle of nowhere! It was beautiful!!!


  1. BEAUTIFUL! The kids and the state of TN. Its so beautiful there... P and H are adorable. They are getting big and growing up. Hotrod looks like a young man not a little boy :(.... Love, love, love the pictures!

  2. Beautiful pictures. Looks like an outing we would enjoy!