Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Blue Robot Donkeys at the Manger Scene???

As I tuck in Hotrod every night, I sit and talk with him for a few minutes.  It is our end of the day ritual.  We all four pile on the bed, Daddy prays, Momma loves on Princess and Daddy loves on Hotrod, Daddy puts Princess to bed and Momma sits and talks with Hotrod...every night.  It can take a while! 

Hotrod and I talk about all sorts of things; cars, dinosaurs, friends, school, etc. Well, tonight, we talked about school and the crafts they did.  Santa and Jesus crafts, apparently.  They made a Santa face with cotton balls and colored a coloring sheet on the wise men going to see Jesus.

Somehow in the conversation about the wise men, a blue robot donkey was mentioned...a what???  I asked again about the blue robot donkey at the manger scene.  Hotrod got tickled, which got me tickled and we laughed and laughed about a blue robot donkey with the wisemen.  He finally clarified that he had drawn a blue robot donkey at the bottom of the page. OHHH!

As we continued the conversation, we were discussing that Jesus is why we celebrate Christmas.  Jesus is real and discussed the wise men bringing gifts to baby Jesus.  Hotrod then turned to me and asked, "to play with??".  Now there is a child's mind for you!!  I wish I knew what Mary and Joseph did with the gifts.  I have oftened wondered that myself.  What did they do with the gold, frankincense, and myrrh that they were given? Something to ponder...

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    Love the comment "Hotrod" made regarding the wise men's gifts. I love children!!!