Friday, December 3, 2010

What makes a sick day better? Molasses cookies!!

 Yesterday, both of my little ones woke up with enough of a cough to keep them home for the day.  They have both been sick all week, so it was just better to keep them in for one more day.

Hotrod cried and cried when he found out that he wasn't going to school.  So, I made a phonecall to Grandma and got her molasses cookie recipe.  The kids were thrilled and we spent all morning making cookies.

Hotrod loves it when we roll out cookies.  He does most of the work on his own and has a great time.  Princess was not happy when she realized that she did not get to roll out the cookies just yet!  All was well when she got her first cookie.

I attempted to get a pic of the three of be the judge of how well I did!! ;)

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